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Anna K. on 08/03/2013
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"Get a Second Opinion with Major Repairs"
I took my car in on a Thursday for an estimate on repairs because my car was stalling out when the car came to a stop-estimated cost about 340-monaday morning my mom took the car in first thing and after waiting 4 hours there was an additional 160 added to the repair price-so now over $450 later I get my car back-as soon as I drive my car it is STILL having the same problem. I took it immediately back myself. 3 days later on Wed they still do not know what is wrong with my car. supposedly it had a complete tune up and spark plugs were replaced. It was suggestioned that it was going to be about an $800 repair in additione to what was already done. I took my car back and took it to another place-He clean the throttle body and replaced the air filter (these things should have already been done!). Once these items were done and only $120 later my car was running fine. Havent had a problem since and I didnt need that $800 repair. My problem was not fixed and time and money was wasted. The only plus side to this was that I was given a courtesy car for those 3 days and the once the manager return he has reimbersed me my bill from the second shop. Careless mistakes were made and teh job was not completed correctly.
Vehicle: Ford Escape
Service Date: 07/24/2013
Review Created: 08/03/2013 07:23 AM
GENE Q. at Vulc-Tech Tire & Auto Repair responded on 08/07/2013

Anna, You came to Vulc-Tech on 7-11-13 with an idle issue  we recommended a tune up to start because your vehicle was close to 100k miles and 9 years old we had to start with that. You came back on 7-15-13 to have the tune up done and while doing the tune up we found 2 of the 6 ignition coils on your vehicle cracked and burned, we advised on replacing these and you agreed. After the tune up and coils were done we still had an idle issue so we cleaned the throttle body and reset the idle strategy. We continued to have an idle issue and after looking at this problem for an additional 3 hours which we did not charge you for we concluded that the ECM (Vehicle computer) may have a bad driver so we had an outside tech come in with a special computer that logs into the vehicles  computer, he confirmed what we suspected. We had giving you a vehicle to use at no cost so we had the additional time to diagnose and we did not charge anything over the estimate. You said the other garage cleaned the throttle plates and reset the idle strategy which is what we did that is why I reimbursed you for that. I believe the other garage may have moved the throttle plates which will make the idle better but is not the proper fix and the issue will eventually reoccur.