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Review for Vulc-Tech Tire & Auto Repair
Bob B. on 11/25/2014
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"A Matter of Lies"
With the exception of an inspection, this is the first and only time I will go to Vulc Tech for care service. My experience revolved around a series of lies. Called for a transmission flush and an inspection. Was quoted at $150.00 and 1 hour for the flush and 1/2 hour for inspection. The actual cost of the transmission flush was $180.32 which makes the at $150.00 lie #1. It took 1 hour and 45 minutes to do the flush. That was lie #2. After 1 hour and 15 minutes I asked how much longer would they have my car. I was told to it would completed in 15 minutes. It was completed 1 hour later not 15 minutes later. That was lie #3. Unfortunately, their lies didn't just effect me. I had my 4 year old son with me the entire 2 hours and 15 minutes. When it was time to pay I was not offered a discount or even an apology for the excessive time my 4 year old son and I had to wait. They never even mentioned it. It's just as well. It probably would have been a lie anyway.

Bob B.
Service Date: 11/25/2014
Review Created: 11/25/2014 06:23 PM
GENE Q. at Vulc-Tech Tire & Auto Repair responded on 11/29/2014

Bob, thank you for your review.
First off I do not lie nor would any of my staff for any reason.
We always strive to give the best price and service as is evidence of our outstanding reviews but when something like this happens it will only make us aware to take the necessary steps to avoid this from happening again.
That being said you do have a legitimate complaint about the service. I do remember speaking to you after you had been waiting for a while and informed you that your vehicle did not have a dip stick for the transmission and we had to do the transmission flush procedure a different way and it would take longer and I did apologize to you for this inconvenience. We normally charge extra for this additional procedure but you were quoted much less because of an oversight and not charged anything extra other than normal shop supply charges. We should have known and told you this would take longer but unfortunately we did not. After you had asked how much longer I did tell you it should be done in 15 minutes because I had talked to the tech who was working on it and he gave me a guesstimated time. Unfortunately it took longer. We will not let the vehicle leave the shop unless the job is done correctly. We were extremely busy that day as you know but that is no excuse for what happened. I should have offered you a discount as the owner but we had 4 persons working the counter to keep up with the holiday rush and I did not cash you out. Because of this oversight I will mail you a full refund ($180.27). I hope this will be satisfactory to you.