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Deborah (Kristen) E.
Prattville, AL
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Did not fix brake problem
We took my daughters car there in the hopes that we would not be taken advantage of because we are females. They charged us $175 to put brakes on the front of her car and evidently we needed rotors turned or replaced because now it vibrates very badly. We took it back and they said they couldn’t find anything wrong with it.
David W. from Whitt's Auto Service Center responded on 04/04/2018

I am very sorry you are still having an problem with the brakes on your daughter vehicle. We want all our customers to be satisfied with the services we provide. If you will give me another Opportunity to find the cause of the Vibration Problem I want to help resolve the Issue.
Sorry for the Inconvenience of the problems you are experiencing with the Vehicle.
Thank you David Whitt

Linsey M.
Huntsville, AL
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