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Review for X-Treme Automotive
Mark M. on 05/02/2012
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"Best In Wichita"
I love these guys (gals, sorry JoAnn). Iv'e always received great service, fair pricing but most importantly honesty. Perfect example: I had a slow leak in a tire last weekend. Took it to a local Midas and they fixed my tire but told me I needed a lower left ball-joint. $716.00. A few days later I called JoAnn and asked for an estimate for the same-$300.00. I scheduled the work but was told a few hours later that I did not need a ball-joint replaced but only some wheel bearings tightened. JoAnn said we'll pack them (bearings) your next brake job in about 15,000 miles. Total cost for checking things out and tightening the bearings-$41.00. This is a business you can trust and on top of that they all are very pleasant to work with! Thanks Extreme!
Vehicle: Ford Ranger
Service Date: 04/30/2012
Review Created: 05/02/2012 04:46 PM