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Peter F.
2013 BMW X5 M
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
A true drivers SUV that will make you smile every time you drive it
After trading in my 2011 X5 diesel with dynamic handling package for a 2015 with the same, I found myself extremely disappointed with the handling of the new. It was so poor that after multiple attempts for have it improved with different tires, BMW service, etc. I decided to get rid of it. On a whim I drove a low mileage 2013 X5M and man did my happy senses light up. Sure this one only gets 15 miles to the gallon instead of 25, but other than that, this thing is awesome.

It is hard to imagine how BMW managed to make a 2 ton suv handle like a sports car and in addition without ever feel harsh. The feedback and feel for this SUV is amazing and the more aggressive it driven, the more it comes into it's own. Good handling with excellent feedback is everything to me and the beast of an engine is just gravy.
Sure the 2015 felt like it had a tighter interior and was a little more sophisticated inside, but once you hit the M button and go for a drive on this last generation X5 without the numb electric steering, you will be all smiles. I also find the older exterior much more appealing than the new ones, which look like somebody different worked the back while somebody else created the front.
I have had the chance to also test the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, but I hugely prefer the X5M the way it manages to feel light and almost small the way it handles.
If you have the chance to own or drive one of these, run for it!

Phenomenal handling!!!
Amazing engine
I like the business like interior.
Plenty of room to pack everything

Not exactly thrilled with mpg
Doors could be better sealing on a car this expensive.
Run flat tires are terrible in my opinion and I got rid of them. handles better and took all the harshness out of the car.

Build Quality
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