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Overall Rating 4.7/5Overall Rating 4.7/5Overall Rating 4.7/5Overall Rating 4.7/5Overall Rating 4.7/5
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A Wonderful Environment
A warm and caring environment that nurtures the body, the mind and the soul, and where individuals ar e treated with respect – that’s what I was hoping to find for my father, and that’s exactly what I found at FBC. My father has lived here for more than six years and has enjoyed the experience. “If you get bored, it’s your own fault,” is what he’ll tell you if you ask him about living here. I don’t know how FBC handles their employee screening process, but all of the employees here stand out; not only are they always welcoming, they look out for the residents and do not hesitate to step in if they see someone who needs a little extra help or attention. From the administration to the front desk, to the Bistro to the activity director, to housekeeping, the PrimeFit trainers, the Chef and the restaurant servers, they take pride in their work and it shows. As a family member, I especially appreciate their taking the time to let me know if something is going on in my dad’s life that I may not be aware of (such as when his excellent housekeeper hinted it might be time to do away with the area rugs). There is no doubt in my mind that my father (now 95) has been able to live independently because he is living at FBC – the PrimeFit workouts, the fresh fruits and veggies, the card games and the casino visits, the friendships – all contribute to his quality of life.

To balance out the gushing above, there are some things that, as my father’s primary family contact, I find very frustrating. As comforting as it is to see the “nurse” bullet on the brochure, it is not so comforting down the line when you learn that the nurse is constrained by state regulations from helping out with the things you would think a nurse could handle, such as changing a dressing or even replacing a hard-to-get-at band aid. Also, it would be helpful to the key family contact to know when there are major personnel changes.

As a final note, FBC offers a quality living experience, and you get what you pay for – but it is not cheap to live here. Potential residents should have a healthy income stream or portfolio, as it is heartbreaking to see residents who have lived here for several years move out because they or their families can no longer afford the expense. FBC is the kind of place you want your parents to move TO, not FROM, and I suspect that it would be very difficult to adjust to another environment after having lived here. Also, keep in mind that you’re paying rent, which increases every year (my dad’s rent increases have ranged from 3% - 5%).
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the fact the staff remembers everyone and treats them like family
Since Chullay has his hand in this property, it will always remain a great place to be

Washington Oakes Retirement Community

(425) 339-3300
1717 Rockefeller Ave Everett, WA 98201
Overall Rating 4.8/5Overall Rating 4.8/5Overall Rating 4.8/5Overall Rating 4.8/5Overall Rating 4.8/5
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daughter of residents
We have been extremely pleased with Washington Oakes! My parents are happy! :)
Overall Rating 4.3/5Overall Rating 4.3/5Overall Rating 4.3/5Overall Rating 4.3/5Overall Rating 4.3/5
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The Staff make it wonderful!
My grandmother has lived here for a few years now. I live in CA and there are many things that I can not do for her from here. The staff is wonderful! They are more than willing to provide information and help anyway they can. ...more
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