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Bayside, NY
Honda CR-V
Verified Customer
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Customer Care
Ami, took the time to listen to my complaint and went the extra distance to check up on the price of the tires they sold me. Then went the extra mile to reach out to me to let me know there was an error in pricing and to offer me a refund. They do value their customers!

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Lesson learned, get it in writing.
Came in for another state inspection, told me all 4 of my tires were no good, had cracks in the treadwell. Ok, priced me on 4 new tires, over $200 a piece! I did a double take, but from what I recall afterwards, I was told it also included installation. Left the car over night as it was near closing, picked up the next day all 4 tires replaced. When I went to pay I was surprised at the bill, he charged me for the installation, telling me I had misunderstood and he never said installation was included. Could go on and on, but in the end it would of been a "he said she said convo". Looked up the prices online and definitely overpaid for these new tires, not including installation. I guess that's my fault but I thought I had found a place i could really trust. Now I'm left with a bad taste in my mouth. Have to reconsider if this my go to place for all my repairs.
Your F. from Bayside Auto Repair & Body Works responded on 11/02/2015

Hello Symong, Its Ami (Manager) at Bayside Auto, as soon as I saw your review I decided to do a little research. First and foremost we are sorry because you are right, the prices were actually too expensive. I called up my supplier after checking a few other vendors and found out I too over paid for the tires. I have been able to get a substantial discount and will be reaching out to you to correct this immediately. We would like you to know we value you as a customer and thank you for bringing this to my attention!

New York, NY
Nissan Sentra
Verified Customer
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Promises are not results
Unresolved as of this moment

At the moment, the situation is still not resolved. Am I satisfied?Absolutely not.

Tyler L.
Bayside, NY
BMW 325i
Verified Customer
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02/07/2014 Category: Service
Tyler said he brought his vehicle to the facility because of a funny noise it was making. After they looked it over they called to tell him they did not know what the noise was. He described the noise better to them and they decided it might be the alternator. They replaced the alternator, but when he got his vehicle back it was still making the same noise. He brought his vehicle to two other businesses and both places were able to make repairs that stopped the funny noise. The people at the facility were fairly nice, responsive, and timely.
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