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kentys v. on 06/20/2012
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"worst place to bring your BMW"
I brought my 2008 BMW for repair here thinking that because it was a dealership own shop, the work was going to be done by professionals in a professional manner. “Boy was I wrong”. At first like most places everybody is friendly till they have what they want, then the true come out. First of all it took them forever to get my car, after I called them and ask how much longer before I get my car they told me that the car was ready and they just needed to clean it and that they will call me later that afternoon. Press forward two days and I still don’t have my car, finally they called to go and pick up my car. The first thing I noticed the BMW emblem was missing in one of the tires, the person went back and got it, so I left. The next day the car started to make a weird noise underneath, so I opened the trunk to see if I can find out what was wrong and noticed that my speakers in the back were missing along with the amps, so I took the car back to them I find out the they left some screws loose and they did not know who’s speakers and amps were those. (Red flag). So after all that I took the car home again and on my way home noticed that the car started to pull to the left after they did whatever it was they did to the car, but I thought that the car might needed alignment so I took it to a different dealership to get it align to find out that was not the problem. Took the car back to them again and by this time I’m being an inconvenience to them, now my car is a low priority, I started to get blame for whatever was wrong with the car, because they didn’t know what was wrong. They started to say that I probably hit a pothole after I took the car home, or that something was wrong with the car’s suspension system, etc. , but that they their job. After about 3 months of frustration and arguments with them and the insurance company I finally got my car back. If any of you take your car there I wish you better luck than me.
Service Date: 02/20/2012
Review Created: 06/20/2012 01:20 AM