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Johnathan R.
Aragon, GA
Honda CR-V
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high prices
I was able to get the same tires offered at another repair shop for $200 less for the final out the door price

Allyson K.
Manchester, NH
Mazda CX-7
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Way Over Charging
While they did manage to squeeze me in at a very busy time which I appreciate greatly. They wanted to charge me a little over $1,300 for brakes, oil change, air filter and a couple of other things on my 2009 Mazda CX-7. The full brakes - front and rear w/pads and rotors they wanted $1,000. I went elsewhere and to do my full brakes is $614. I was also charged $91 for an hour of labor to look over my car and give me the outrageous estimate. Then they gave me brake fluid after I said that I was not going to get the work done there and charged me $13 more. While I appreciate the thought, I didn't ask for it and I should have been asked before they added more cost to my ridiculous estimate bill. I understand that they don't say free estimates on their site but $91 is excessive labor cost.

David F.
Goffstown, NH
Toyota Camry
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Dear Ron, Last week I took our Camry for an oil change to your shop. I have been bringing our vehicles to your shop now for almost 2 years. I was told that I would need a new battery. I agreed to the cost of the battery. I was not told about an installation cost of almost $60! I did not say anything but decided to check around at other shops. I found that not only was the cost high but the folks I checked with all said that for a regular customer you just would not charge someone that cost. I came to your shop following Ed Lavallee. He has not worked on my vehicles for quite sometime. I have always tried to be loyal to whoever does work on our vehicles. I do not feel that I was treated fairly and will not be returning in the future. David French
Ron P. from Bob and Sons Automotive Inc responded on 05/15/2013
Discussed customers' valid concerns & issued a refund for the installation charge. Service advisor was on vacation & technician was filling in for him & used book time to calculate.