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Beth E.
Baltimore, MD
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I was ripped off. My car was held for ransom after an unauthorized extra $1200 was charged. Basic theft and violation of all business ethics
I took my car in to have emission work done. My bank account had been emptied after a theft. i was extra clear on what i wanted done, explaining the robbery. My slip stated that only the emission work be done.
Went to pick up my car and was charged over $2600. They did extra unauthorized work and expected me to pay. In fact they would not let me have my car without full payment despite my request in writing and two verbal agreements.
I borrowed money from friends. I should have gone straight to BBB but didnt. This sleazy, unethical and lying company are straight up thieves.
Then, the repairs they did needed redone 6 months later.
This place should be avoided by all. I shared this story with my neighbors, some of whom being former customers. Not one have been back. These people have a great scam. Dont be their next victim
Edward N., President from Brentwood Automotive responded on 03/15/2018

I'm not even sure what this person is talking about. the last time she was here was a year ago. no one in our office remembers having any such conversations, much less holding her car hostage. We don't do ANY work without giving customers a complete estimate. I am the owner and I'm here everyday and the few times that I'm not, a manager is here, that would have witnessed this. As far as her having to have the work redone, I highly doubt that it happened, without me getting a call or a letter. The actual money that she spent here was far less than she states. I have never heard from this person period. I tried to call her regarding this review and never got a reply.