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Ashburn, VA
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We thought it’d be hard to find any “ugly” customer care in the Auto/Car Sell Industry. Really, there’s plenty of bad, negligent customer care in the car dealership, but downright ugly? No dealership could be so stupid, right? No, we were wrong. There is one and it is called COLLEGE PARK HONDA – 9400 Baltimore Ave, College Park MD 20740.
In our case, the sales mangers collectively and catastrophically neglected their mission statement and the 3 core-values of their company.
Reliable: - Promise what you will do and do what you promise.
Responsible: - Be responsible for creating a customer advocate.
Respectful: - Treat each person the same way you would treat your
family members “They are Family”

- We were promised an Out-to-door price for a vehicle and received written confirmation from the client care manger.
- We were told that the deal can only works today, and they wanted us to return to the dealership to seal the deal. We agreed!
- Upon our return to the dealership, the whole situation changed all of the sudden. We were told they could not do the deal and offered us over $900 higher deal.
- They tried to take us through the same salesman drama with frequently changing sales managers attempting to explain that it was a misunderstanding, but we insisted on the written confirmation from the client manger.
- They acted irresponsible – keep in mind, we traveled 1.5 hours from Virginia to College Park MD, because we thought they will be serious and responsible enough to honor their written words. Wrong, THEY ARE NOT!!
- They did not respect our time, our trust and most importantly, they did NOT MAKE US FEEL RESPECTED by twisting words and trying to blame us for whatever happen at their end.

If the written confirmation was a simple miscommunication, they had the chance to correct it prior to our arrival to the dealership. They had over 22 hours’ time after sending out the confirmation and at least 4 conversations on the phone to be honest and upfront.
It is not even the money factor which makes us feel reallllly horrible, since both myself and my fiancée are decently paid professionals, rather the integrity and the trust worthiness of the dealership is the key factor.

We most probably go elsewhere and are willing to pay higher price instead of dealing with college park honda sales associates who we think simply UNTRUSTWORTHY!
Since we also have a written agreement, we will also consider filing a complaint with the Maryland Consumer Protection Agency and the Federal Trade Commission about college park honda’s deceptive practices.
We will defiantly use our network to its maximum to raise awareness of these odd-hoax practice of this dealership.
Rose B., Director of Customer Retention from College Park Honda responded on 12/16/2019

Please allow me to apologize that we did not provide you with the level of service that you expect and more importantly deserve when doing business with us. I am very sorry for our poor performance. I would like to work with you towards a resolution. Please send your name and contact information to rose@rrrautos.com. We look forward to working with you.
Rose Bayat
Director of Customer Retention

Romitta H.
Bowie, MD
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Amazing service !!!
I was experiencing car trouble and I couldn’t afford to wait til another day to fix my car. Dewayne was absolutely accommodating to my urgency. I did not wait long at all before I was giving a working vehicle. It’s amazing how someone can work so diligently to fix your car problems as if they have known you for years. Fantastic customer service. Friendly conversation. I will definitely return.

Vanessa B.
Laurel, MD
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Angry Disappointed and Betrayed
Honda Dealership in College Park, MD
College Park Honda
9400 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740

Where do I start? We went into this dealership to purchase a new car. We dealt with Obi, he was professional and we bought a Honda Accord sport 37 days ago. Readers please remember the number of days Thirty Seven Days Ago !!!. On the 21st day of driving the car, there is a rattling noise each time we drive over a rough area, or going over a speed bump. We called the dealership to tell them about the issues. Instead of saying bring it right away, especially knowing it’s a brand-new car, we had to wait a week after the Thanksgiving holiday. We took the car back to the service department on or about the 30th day. After dropping the car off for a day, we got a call in the evening stating that they are not hearing any noises. We took the car back and behold there is the noise one day after picking the car up.
We call the service department back, and said “look we are hearing the noise, please drive the car go over a rough spot and the noise will be there. At that time Tony Skelton, who sits at desk number 6 told us to bring the car back. (Thanks Tony)
We brought the car back, they test dive it, and helloooo!!! The noise is there. We are told by the service department that the car has a manufacture defect at the bottom, not only was there a defect, but all the silver trims at the front had to be replaced also because it appeared that it was burnt. Which apparently was another defect. We were told it was just bad luck that we happened to get a car with these issues, and that he would order the parts. Attached is picture with the parts ordered
We then asked to speak to sales manager his name is Uday Gulati. We told him the issue at which time he said well “well the service department didn’t ask you for any money for the replacement right?” Yes, he did, we responded, “do you realize that the car is only 30 days old. He then said I am sorry for the inconvenience, and then said that it was unfortunate that we got a car that had a defect, and he will assist us.
Well that was nice of him? Ok great we picked up the car, and ladies and gentleman, guess what the car is still making the noise. Yes, it is, and the sad part is there doesn’t seem to be anyone who cares that the car is defective, and that it is just wrong not to properly respond to the issue. We have the car, more days are going by, and the problem is not being resolved.
We go into a dealership, we purchase a car, they take the money, and everyone gets their commission, and is happy. But the actual customer who purchased that car, is not happy, and no one cares.
Customer service sure!!! Where? Not at this dealership. Loyalty to customers is no longer important. Dealerships are big, and us little customers do not matter. Small fish in the BIG HONDA DEALERSHIP POND

Betrayed, Angry, and Disappointed Customers.

Erick C.
Beltsville, MD
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This deeler is the most bad service deelers on maryland,I not recomend no body go there.
This deeler is bad on service ,neverguive yu guaranty and never take kare good costumers, I go there tho times and never fix my car,I never recomend no body go there. Thanks.

Pedro R.
Upper Marlboro, MD
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The service was great
Steven Mcnamee

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