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Chad B. on 05/21/2011
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Chad stated that he wasn't satisfied with the quality of the repair because the paint work didn't have the same texture as the rest of the vehicle. He mentioned that the body work doesn't look the same as before but he was unsure of how the body looked prior to the accident. Chad added that the vehicle was a week late but the business said it was an insurance issue that they hadn't come out. So when Chad called the insurance company they were out the same day. He mentioned he felt that the business could have been a little more proactive. Chad explained that he wasn't kept adequately informed because he was the one that had to do the calling and he had to keep reminding the business about things like the recall on his vehicle. He said that he wasn't satisfied with the thoroughness of the estimate because of the above mentioned situation with the recall on the vehicle. Chad exclaimed he thought that the communication wasn't good because of him having to do all the reminding he didn't have any reassurance from the business. He wouldn't recommend the business because the business didn't seem concerned about him or his vehicle. Chad claimed that the vehicle sat for a week before the business did anything to it because of the above mentioned reasons. He mentioned that the business needs better communication.
Category: Collision
Service Date: 05/14/2011
Review Created: 05/21/2011
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Roger S. at Massey Cadillac Orlando Body Shop responded on 05/25/2011
In response; a few answers and/or corrections are needed here. After 3 consistant days of calling Allstate to come out and write an estimate so we could begin repairs, they never came to the shop. Chad calling into the shop "each and everyday" we explained to Chad we can not start repairs until we have a written estimate in our hands. Another shop had written an incomplete, weak and missing items estimate, so we had wait for Allstate. We told Allstate about this terrible estimate and they advised us to wait for them to come out. Chad a "claimant" against Allstate called into Allstate and Yes they came out the same late afternoon and wrote the estimate. We started the repairs that same day. After disassembly more damage was found. We had to wait an additionsl 4 days for Allstate to comeback to rewrite their estimate. After the rewrite by Allstate, repairs were completed "2" earlier than the allotted time given by Allstate. "2" Days ahead of schedule, the car was ready. The communication piece is puzzling? We have computor (unchangeable dated and timed stamped) documentation on the 16 text messages sent, 4 phone conversations that took place and 2 emails that were sent to Chad. I still personally and as a shop apologize to Chad if we did not communicate well enough or to his expectations. In response to the needed recall on his car. We are a dealership collision center that repairs damaged wrecked vehicles. As we explained to Chad each time he asked about the recall, that as soon as the bodyshop completed the repairs we would (and did) send his car to our service department for the recall. This car at the time of total completion was gone over/checked out/Quality controlled by no less than 4 qualified certified personel. On the 1st survey filled out by Chad he said the car looked good and he would return for his next servicing. Bottom line: there's always two sides of the story, but we will do anything we can or anything needed to make any and/or all of our customers happy just let us know what we can do!