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Review for Momentum BMW Mini-Body Shop
Karim V. on 07/23/2011
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Karim said he wasn't satisfied with the quality of the repair because they didn't fix everything they were supposed to fix. There were some dents left on the vehicle and the inside of the trunk lid was still bent. He informed them that he wasn't satisfied with the results and he left his vehicle at the business so they could fix it. When he went to pick it up for the second time, he noticed that the trunk lid wouldn't close properly. He was told that a lot of the newer vehicles have trunks that close like that. He didn't believe them because his trunk closed properly before he needed repairs. He was told to leave his vehicle for a third time, but he said he couldn't leave it again because he couldn't have the rental vehicle any longer. His vehicle was ready 4 days later than the time it was promised for the same reasons mentioned. He also wouldn't recommend this business to others for the same reasons mentioned. The next time he needs a repair, he wants to see if Toyota or Lexus will fix his vehicle better than the business could. When he takes his vehicle to get repaired, he expects the technicians to know how to fix it.
Category: Collision
Service Date: 06/30/2011
Review Created: 07/23/2011
Johnny C. at Momentum BMW Mini-Body Shop responded on 08/05/2011
I understand Karim's frustration with our shop. Unfortunately some of the issues with his vehicle were overlooked and I offer my sincerest apology.