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Review for Motorplex Auto & Heavy Truck Repair
Mike L. on 01/11/2012
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Spoke with Amanda. She said she was not completely satisfied with the overall service experience. She brought the vehicle in to have a leak in the transfer case fixed. It was patched up, but a secondary leak happened. She brought the vehicle back in after a few months and then a third, fourth, and fifth leak all in different placed in the transfer case occurred. It has made her a little curious why so many leaks keep happening. She usually just calls to see when the vehicle will be ready. Because of the repetitive leaks issue she is not satisfied with the quality of service work performed on the vehicle. She said she would still recommend the business for service because she has not had problems in the past and she does not think the business is trying to do anything sketchy. Bruce is nice. He did have the third leak worked on free of charge and she appreciated it.
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Review Created: 01/11/2012
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