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Frank J.
Lore City, OH
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My wife went to get a alignment done here and they weren’t able due to something wrong with our vehicle we were unaware of which that’s fine I totally understand. But if they want to charge 5 bucks less than the alignment would have been they should let you know that upfront. I could had almost any shop look at my truck for much cheaper. Then they quoted us TWO GRAND to fix it. We found another shop to do it for ONE HUNDRED. I wonder how many nice people fell for their tricks. They need to have reasonable prices for that or let you know up front that’s how to do business the right away.
(This is an automated e., Owner from Reed's Top Tech AutoCare responded on 04/18/2019

Thanks for the info on your review. We are sorry we have not met you or spoken to you. It is possible you misunderstood the lady who brought the car in as she was trying to relay the info we gave her. So here is the info. :) We always thoroughly go over a car before aligning it, especially since we were told that the car just fell off a jack when someone was changing a tire. :)  We found that the front lower control arm bushings on both sides were worn. We also found that both front tires have broken belts and were worn smooth on the inside 4 inches of the tread. We brought the lady who owned the car into our bay to show her what we found.  We recommended front control arms and at least 2 tires to be able to align it and for it to be safe to drive.  The total for these including an alignment was $615 + tax. The front struts were also very bouncy and worn out. We suggested replacing them. We gave separate quotes for each of these. As you can imagine it took time on the rack to inspect your car and find all these problems. We charge $35 to do our inspection with the offer to credit the $35 back if we align it or do any of the suggested repairs within 30 days. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

 We also have a policy of refunding a customer their money if they honestly feel we were not straight with them. So please let us know how you feel after you reconsider this information.

Cambridge, OH
Volkswagen Eos
Verified Customer
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Test Computerized system ????
You charged and hour to test computerized system ?? I was sales manager for a Volkswagen Dealership for 13years and Yes I know how service makes there money. BUT to charge me a Hour for a HALF Hour Job???? And still did not fix the problem.
(This is an automated e., Owner from Reed's Top Tech AutoCare responded on 09/04/2017

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We are very sorry you were not satisfied with our diagnostic charge even after I offered to refund your money. --- If you recall we discussed at length before we worked on your car what the pricing would be. The plan was for us to spend an hour on testing for diagnosis of your VW EOS's problem and then reschedule you for the repair. We fully explained the cost to diagnose. We found, as you noted at the time, that your problem was very intermittent. This often means it takes additional time to diagnose as yours did because the problem was not occurring during our testing. However we only charged you for 1 hour of diagnosis even though it took us 1 1/2 hours to find your problem. --- After completely testing the ABS/Trac electrical components under various conditions trying to duplicate the problem, researching Technical service bulletins, repair trac bulletins, etc. and retesting the systems several times, we found that the ABS tone ring [which is enclosed inside the knuckle] had mud & debris contamination. As you remember we explained all this to you. Thus the wheel & drum and components needed removed to access and clean the tone ring of debri. As you remember you only had a limited time on Friday for our testing. We agreed that you would need to bring the car back for the repair.-- Again we are sorry you were not happy with us finding your problem, charging you for the agreed amount, explaining everything to you, and then even offering your money back when we found you were not happy. We wish you well.