Frequently Asked Questions

Consumer FAQs

Are these reviews real?

Yes! All reviews with the SureCritic logo are verified as Actual Customers! SureCritic is able to ensure these reviews are from actual customer by matching them with data taken directly from the business’ point of sale (POS) system. If a customer who completed a review is not in the POS system, then they are not verified as an actual customer. You may still see the review; however, it will not have the “Verified by SureCritic” logo next to it.

Why are the review scores on SureCritic so much higher than every other site?

It is a proven fact that verified, actual customers will rate a business higher in overall satisfaction then those that are not verified. A recent study completed by Customer Research Inc., revealed that ”verified” customers who provided and overall satisfaction rating scored the business 84% higher than overall satisfaction scores posted on the web from unverified sources. Since nearly 100% of SureCritic reviews are provided by actual customers whereby their customer status has been verified by SureCritic, the overall satisfaction score is 1) more representative of actual experiences at the business and 2) naturally higher than unverified scores on some other reviews sites that don’t verify customer status.

Where is my review? I just submitted one it's not showing up.

The business has received your review. If it's not appearing on the site right now, it will soon. The business has up to 14 days to verify your customer status and to respond to the review prior to it appearing.

Can businesses on SureCritic remove reviews?

No! Reviews generated from actual customers will appear as they are received. The business will not be able to remove or manipulate the review content in any way. There is no compromising or suppressing the voice of the customer. However, a review which violates the content policy will be a candidate for removal. Also, reviews where customer status is not verified may not be published to SureCritic.

Is the business allowed to choose who gets a review?

No! That would be a form a gaming the system. The business cannot pick and choose which customer fills out a review. The onus is on the business to provide the best service possible, and when they have a mishap, we give them the tools to let people know 1) what action they took to resolve the concern that lead to a poor review and 2) how quickly they resolved the matter. Numerous studies have shown that a customer with a concern that is both resolved quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction is more loyal than a customer who had no concern at all. At SureCritic, our mission is to provide objective and honest reviews from actual customer. At the same time, we enable businesses to 1) put their best foot forward and 2) resolve and customer issues in a quick and efficient manner.

How come the names of the reviewer and the person in the review dont always match up?

One method we use to verify actual customer status is by vehicle identification number. Sometimes the registered owner of the vehicle is not the same as the person who is responsible for servicing the vehicle. In those situations, you may see a vehicle owned by Mary D. while the comments refer to John D. In that instance, Mary owns the car, but John is the one who takes it into service.

I noticed all the reviews are from the automotive centric businesses. Are you exclusive to the automotive industry?

Right now, we are focusing on just the automotive vertical. We believe that doing one thing and being the best at it is much better than trying to be all things to all people. For that reason, we want to be the best in the automotive vertical, and then we’ll look at other markets.

Business FAQs

Can I display the reviews for my business on my corporate website?

Yes. As part of our product solution, you will receive a Business Review Page (BRP) with its own unique URL. You may link to that URL via our widgets, or badges on any site you wish as long as it is not supporting a competitive business website.

Does my BRP just have reviews?

Along with the reviews, your BRP will have you business information, map and directions and well as specifics about what you do. Customer can send you an email directly from you BRP.

Is my BRP optimized for Search?

Yes, our structure is such that the BRP’s are optimized for search. As I am sure you know, SEO is a constantly changing endeavor. Although SureCritic cannot guarantee organic search performance, we do everything we can to make sure you are seen. We have numerous customers whose corporate sites shows lower in organic than their BRP.

I have multiple locations. Can I consolidate those to one site?

We don’t recommend it. The BRP’s are searchable on the web. By consolidating locations to one Business Review Page, you would be limiting the potential search results to a specific location on the web. Your BRP is just as much a marketing site as it is a review site. Our clients understand the importance of employing a multi-site strategy on the web. SureCritic is an enabler of that strategy.

Will you advertise a competitive business on our BRP?

No! We know that other review sites advertise competitive businesses on the business review pages. SureCritic does not place advertising of any kind on our client’s Business Review Page (BRP). We want our clients to drive their customers to their review site. It boggles the minds of the SureCritic team why any business would send its clients to a site that actively displays a competitor advertisement.

What's my SureCritic 'slug'? I need it to link to a third party service

The URL slug is a unique keyword identifier which can be found end of the URL on your public SureCritic page for your business. The URL slug will be lower case, and spaces are represented as dashes. For example the url slug for “Cannon Automotive” found at is cannon-automotive.