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Review for A & D Automotive
Ruben R. on 05/07/2016
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Ruben said this business is very good at providing service. He originally took his vehicle to the Ford dealership to fix the problem. It took them almost a week to figure out they could not do anything. When they finally came up with some crazy ideas, they gave him an estimate of almost $3,000. He then tried an internet search and found this business. He is very happy with their service. They kept him updated, and customers can feel at ease when they know what is going on during service. Other businesses will just let customers know when they themselves call back. He really appreciated their regular updates. He has already bragged to his friends about this business. He told them if they ever have problems with their vehicles, they should go to this facility. Unlike other businesses he has been to, this facility is very knowledgeable about the electronics aspect of vehicles. When he received his vehicle, he was really thankful and told them they are really exceptional at providing service.
Vehicle: Ford Pickup
Category: Service
Service Date: 04/27/2016
Review Created: 05/07/2016
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