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Lawrence L. on 10/30/2014
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"Not Honest on what they tell you "
After buying a motor for $3600.00 I was told this was a good running motor with 50,000 miles on it. They also said it came with a 6 month warranty. They did not send me a receipt or a copy of the warranty. If I had read the warranty I would never have bought the engine. It came with a smashed valve cover with a hole in it so I don't know how they could have known it was good running. Besides having to replace the valve cover the engine would not run right - after 5 trips to the repair shop and $1800 dollars I was finally able to get it to run right. There garantee of 6 month is worthless. Be very careful of these people.
Review Created: 10/30/2014 01:40 PM
Eric S. at AAA Auto Salvage responded on 11/21/2014

The original call for the motor mentioned here was made on
July 29, 2014 by the shop that eventually ended up doing the installation.  This Quote (#2045953) was revisited on July
30th and then finally ordered by the consumer on August 1,
2014.  Our sales person was instructed to
deliver the engine to the installer.  We
delivered the engine on August 5, 2014.  The copy of the invoice, which has all of the
necessary warranty information, was left at the spot of delivery.  It is customary that the invoice accompany
the part at the time of delivery.  The consumer
never instructed us to send a separate invoice copy to any other address.  We have no way of knowing the relationship of
the purchaser of record and the installation shop that they choose.  Since the buyer provided the delivery
instructions, intuition lead us to the buyer and the shop being in
communication about the rest of the process.

The installer did inform us of damage to the valve cover
stated and we informed the shop that we would write a credit for $100 to cover
the time to use the valve cover from the current motor to the motor we
provided.  This is a “usual and
customary” practice in the mechanical install profession.  A used engine is guaranteed “engine Block and
the Cylinder Heads” the accessorial parts on any engines might accompany the
motor but installers will normally swap over components or buy brand new
accessories that may be needed.  The
industry book time for swapping a valve cover is .4 hours.  When we were informed of the damage we used
.4 hours x 2 = .8 hours (taking off our valve cover and putting on the
customer’s current cover).  We used the
average mechanical labor rate in the area approximately $120 per hour, $120 x
.8 hours = $96, so we rounded to $100 for the installers time.  At the time of contact the installer was in
agreement with that time calculation and the amount.

The consumer contacted aaa on October 24, 2014 about the
motor and what he was seeking for compensation. 
On that call, to our original sales person, we told him what our
warranty covered and if the engine was defective we would gladly take the part
back and refund him the purchase price. 
We have a warranty that stands behind the part but there was no labor
warranty.  The consumer is seeking
reimbursement for labor dollars.  When we
offered that to him, he informed us that the engine is installed in the vehicle
and “working perfectly.”  aaa then
contacted Lexus of Wayzata to find out what they needed to repair to get the
motor operational.  We talked to the
service advisor there and what was repaired to get the engine running was
wiring.  The wiring that was in the
vehicle “appeared to have been damaged,” this would mean that any engine that
was installed in the vehicle would not have operated correctly.  When the wiring was repaired the engine that
aaa provided, “worked perfectly.”  There
was no repair done to the engine that aaa provided other than the swap of the
valve cover that we instructed the installer we would compensate for.  When we dealt with the installer on informing
him of that $100 credit we did not know that the installer would bill $300,
according to the amount listed in the complaint.

We have informed the consumer that only amount we are
willing to compensate for is the $100 dollars. 
It seems clear to aaa that the product we provided is not defective, it
was the wiring that was defective. 
Please see the below warranty information that is on the reverse side of
our invoice.  This information is also
readily available on our web site,