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JOHN M. on 08/25/2017
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"Just a quick visit - ho hum. Oil Change with Inspection. Inspection explanation non-existent."
I went to this place because they were willing allow me to bring my materials to change the oil in my car. In addition, the front desk person (Anita), who was friendly, told me that they can give my car an inspection. While I could change the oil myself, the offer of them inspecting my car and giving me a report was worth it. Well, the oil change went without a hitch, but the inspection itself was impersonal. Maybe I caught them on a busy day, but they were busy for me. The result of the inspection was "everything is fine" and none of the mechanics even spoke to me. Just a verbal "fine." it's not until I raised a concern that this cannot be right, because I know at least two very obvious things in my car, that finally a mechanic talked to me. Turns out, their network communicating from the repair bay to the office wasn't working and "nothing on the screen came up." Fine - technology error, it happens. But when I asked them a little more about what it will cost to fix what they found wrong, the mechanic (who I think owned the shop) just said "he'll email me." Maybe the system was down. He didn't tell me. No comments on how urgent the repairs needed to be done, no additional details really. It's highly impersonal. When he emailed me - he emailed me a quote without options. Again, just generic and impersonal. Turns out I could have options, that I could fix only what's broken, and I knew this only because I already inspected what needs to be fixed myself and did a lot of research before taking the car to the shop. I came to this place because of glowing reviews, unfortunately all the business they've been receiving seems to have caused them to be so busy with customers that it doesn't feel like a family-owned business anymore.
Vehicle: Honda CR-V
Service Date: 08/24/2017
Review Created: 08/25/2017 09:16 PM
Janine S. on 04/23/2016
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Janine said when she dropped off her vehicle they promised it would be ready on Thursday but it was not ready until Saturday because they had been waiting for parts. They were close by and they gave her a warranty as well as some discounts.
Vehicle: Honda Accord
Category: Service
Service Date: 04/11/2016
Review Created: 04/23/2016
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Joe D. at A & A Complete Automotive Repair responded on 04/27/2016

We are very sorry that it took 2 extra days, the delay was receiving parts from the Honda dealer.

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