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Ashley C.
Rubicon, WI
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prompt, professional, good price
great experience with Advance, they did a great job for me. Good prices and high quality work. Made my lawn look great again!

Kat K.
Colgate, WI
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Horrible, exceptionally rude
I had someone come out to see the property and quote based on what I needed. We went over everything very extensively and got a quote, which I accepted. They spent about 3 hours at the property, pushed leaves off of the hill on my property, left clippings and leaves, I asked for weed removal from flower beds and they were just weed whacked down. The job was only about 50% completed and when I called the receptionist told me they would be back out to finish, which I was fine with. I wasn't angry, I just wasn't home when they were at the house and it looked incomplete, she said they would take care of it.

Then I talked to Bill. What a nightmare. I hired this company for my parents home after they passed away, they had been sick and disabled for years and the yard needed a big clean up, which I understood and was willing to hire someone to do it. Bill yelled at me on the phone and actually made fun of me for the state of the yard. Laughed...and made fun of the situation I was in, calling me lazy and irrational. I have no idea why, I was absolutely shocked. I was completely calm for the duration of the phone call, I never yelled or snapped at him, as soon as I mentioned something was incomplete or wrong he completely changed his tone and started yelling. He also accused me of rudely hanging up on him (my phone died) and sent me a nasty email after the phone call.

What I don't understand is why did someone come out and quote me after seeing the yard in person and then do something different once they were paid? Bill just kept yelling at me over the phone saying I was wrong and they didn't owe me anything and if I didn't pay up in 24 hours they would sue me and "that's not a threat, that's a promise sweetheart" I have never been treated with that much disrespect from a business owner. On the website it says Austin is the business owner and I guess Bill is his dad that does the customer service? (Badly)

I also wished I did a simple search of the people involved with this company. I was actually scared to post a review until enough time had passed and I had sold the house. I would never recommend this company to anyone.

Michael S.
Hartford, WI
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Great Communication
Advance Lawn Service has worked with me from start to finish this summer on numerous landscape projects. They are always respectful and have great communication. I would highly recommend to anyone in the Hartford / Erin area!

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