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Homar M.
Laguna Hills, CA
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I tried to leave this complex and cancel my contract cuz they're not giving me the service they told me at first and now Kelly the manager being really rude telling me to call James Jones who never answer the phone and when he did he was racist and mean as well and he told me to look for someone who could speak English better only because I have a Mexican accent so I would really like to their boss to see this review and try to tell them to do their job better because honestly when I ask you talk to someone that could give me information they said they was no one available and that Kelly the manager of Alicia Village Apartments Kelly told me she was the boss there and also told me that if I called again she was going to call the police on me she was yelling and screaming at me asking for my phone number because she said she was going to call the police on me so I don't know how they're try to help their customers like this I honestly don't recommend this place to anyone especially my friends because they will be disappointed just like I am right now

Eddie M.
Laguna Hills, CA
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Worst apartment in Laguna Hills
Negative reviews about Alicia Village on yelp, Google, apartment ratings, Facebook, are brutal but spot on true. I am merely echoing what’s already been said by other reviewers maybe offer advice to would be renters, to current renters and to the staff, if they listen. First, the good. I can honestly say landscaping crew do their best to keep the grounds clean but residents have to do their part too. If you don’t want rats and other pest in your place, keep it clean, do not litter, use common sense, think of other people who live here. It doesn’t make sense you pay rent then trash your surroundings. Maintenance guys, they’re alright. Ken and Jesse are chill, people here like them and they have good rapport with the kids. These two dudes do their best. People have to understand they are living in an apartment built from what I’ve read online, back in the late ’60’s or early ’70’s. This place is sort of “old.” Things will fall apart in your apartment. Fix what you can, if not call maintenance. Ken and Jesse are your “man.” Ultimately, the priority is the outside appearance of the complex. That’s what they want you to see, and the model unit. There are no improvements on the interior, none. Not the termite infested balconies, not the old dishwashers, stoves and microwave oven, not the loud, tiny, inefficient air conditioning unit, not the leaky plumbing and wasteful toilet, not on providing a big storage space, and last they will never spend money on expanding parking. Parking is a huge problem. That’s only second to what is the crux of the discontent in this community. All negative reviews mention the rude staff. They are the #1 problem here. I’ve been here long enough to see a rotation of different people in that office, long enough to have had contact with them, long enough to know the people in this community and long enough to make an honest comparison. Past office staff, fair to mediocre, but the ones they have now are the worst ever. They are extremely indifferent towards the people in this community. John M.’s comment about them is spot on. I have personally experienced it, I knew they made an obscene gesture behind my back, but I chose to ignore it, I know better than to sink to their level and left that office as a decent human being. It seems they rather use their time updating Alicia Village’s Facebook page, posting photos of donuts and posing with firefighters. Staff’s response to reviews here on yelp may seem sincere, but people here scoff. You go to that office and you will not get the courtesy you deserve as a customer, there is no genuine concern for your happiness, heaven help you if you happen to belong to a certain ethnic group, the manager will talk over you and do her best to get you out of that office. Read their response, you will never read anything that says, “We apologize for acting unprofessional….” No accountability, no remorse, no mention of any effort to be courteous and just be decent human beings. None. The office staff simply do not reflect the diverse demographics in this community. No one here likes the current manager, she’s offensive, and a liar. The invitation to resolve any issues is 100% fake, no result. My advice to current residents, document all contact with staff, make notes, time and dates, get names. Bring another person with you as witness, use your smartphones. Call the corporate office and write letters about the staff. Also, educate yourselves, know your Renter’s Rights, find renter’s advocacy groups that will help, find free legal help if it ever comes to that, that’s when your notes and documentation become useful. To the staff, current or next in line to manage this place, live up to your motto “Legendary people, legendary service.” Right now, you are legendary for rudeness and your service is non existent, the negative reviews testify. I had first hand experience of your unprofessional behavior. Genuine courtesy goes a long way, treat people in this community with respect, saying “sorry” doesnt cut it. Would-be renters, beware. Insist on seeing the actual unit not the “model” apartment, there’s a big difference. Come after office hours to see parking situation. Come at night when no crew is cleaning up this place. A chunk of your hard earned money is spent on rent, would you spend it here knowing the living conditions and the way you will be treated by management? We’ve had enough with management, we’re moving elsewhere.

Verified Customer
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not good.
misinformation fr d start

Verified Customer
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parking is so difficult!!!!!!!!!!!!. It really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The apartment up keep is good, but the parking sucks it would be great to be Assigned TWO spaces since we have a pass and carport. I would be great if all apartments would have TWO! assigned parking spots just paint a parking space with the same number as your carport. I hope you really do something about the parking!

Verified Customer
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Unsatisfactory Customer Service
After living here for exactly 3 weeks, we have not received good customer service here in Alicia Village.
"Your vehicles will be safe to park inside the complex", which was said before we moved in. They were wrong. Before the move in, they took our vehicles licenses plate number for all owned 3 vehicles. What wasn't told was we were suppose to have parking tags inside our vehicles so that they would not get towed. On Thursday August 11, one of our vehicles was missing. We waited til the office opened, running late for work. They opened and said they must have towed our vehicle. Gave us the phone number and address to the towing office in Laguna beach.
$250 was spent to release the vehicle which could have gone to the rent, this is frustrating.
I am complaining because, You, Alicia Village customer care is refusing to reimburse us unless we write you this letter, which is honestly very unprofessional. What was said was a lie, and we are still waiting for our parking passes.

The Rodriguez, Residents

Verified Customer
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Disappointed & disgusted..0 stars
Disappointed my remodeled apartment isn't as nice as the model apt and some things are still old or redone half ass. I questioned the manager Jordan about rodents & roaches (before deciding to hold the apt) after I had seen the surrounding areas outside, including the neighbors right below, who have so many buckets full of empty beer bottles & who knows what else was piled up, I couldn't tell. She assured me they are clean and denied any pests. Well the 2nd day I started to move in with most of my belongings...there were roaches crawling in the kitchen sink. I was in tears in the office as I refuse to live with disgusting cockroaches that are a health hazard to myself and children and will get into everything!! I paid almost $3,000 to move into this and I'm physically and emotionally drained! Pest control "couldn't" come for 2 days!!! My outlet covers are still off (they forgot to remove some, I informed them but was ignored). "Bug out " came and supposedly treated...2 days ago..im not sure which areas. There are still roaches that appear in the sinks and are in the bath tub and back of the toilet. Another thing, I asked for a rental refrigerator several days before move in..I had none for 3 days and had to leave my food at my last residence. Luckily I was able to. The sliding glass door has no lock or latch. I have sent an email to management with no response. I could deal with all the dirty & unpleasant areas around the place but I can not and will not live with unhealthy, disgusting cockroaches!!! If needed I will seek legal counsel. This matter needs to be resolved immediately!

Verified Customer
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Horrified at the fire hazard and trash and rat in the yard downstairs, #327 !!!!!!
I am so upset that I was not informed prior to my move in, that my downstairs neighbor, directly below me, maybe #327 has utter trash and refuse in his/her yard! How would you like to look out your window and se this every day? I reported this the first day as Imwas moving in? What will you do to compensate me and clear this immediately? You may want to clean up the 6 inches of leaves in that yard. It is a huge fire hazard! I also saw a rat the first week. There is an extension cord and I think some machinery, but mostly trash. You should really come over and see for yourselves asap. Please let me know what can be done about this legally. I will gladly email you pictures. I hate to complain, but this is over the top! The rent is way too high for the "ghetto" viewsI have out of my kitchen and bedroom windows. How sickening and embarrassing it has been for me...
Arnel Management from Alicia Village responded on 07/07/2016

MJ – We are very sorry to hear that your move in experience was not satisfactory. We know that you have been in contact with our office since this review was initially posted. If these concerns have not yet been fixed, then please call our office so we can make sure we resolve them as soon as possible. We are so happy that you chose Alicia Village to be your new home and hope to turn your experience around for you. 

Alicia Village Management Team
(888) 714-2240

Jane Elizabeth
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
I needed an Apt. super-fast and the staff really came through for me!
I've been a resident here for about a month. I love it. I love the location, the layout and the community. My neighbors are nice and the surrounding area is beautiful. A repair request was addressed immediately and with a great attitude. I'm very happy to say that the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Trent and Hiromi really bent over backwards to get me into an Apt that same weekend! I'm happy and proud to say I live in Alicia Village. :)
Jane Knight
Arnel Management from Alicia Village responded on 06/03/2016

Jane – Thank you so much for this kind review! We love to hear that new residents are enjoying their new home with us at Alicia Village. We appreciate you mentioning Trent and Hiromi’s great service! If there is anything you ever need, please know that our whole team is always here to help. We are open daily from 9:00am-7:00pm.

Alicia Village Management Team
(949) 581-6130

Verified Customer
Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5Overall Rating 3/5rating 3rating 3
Move in 2/20/2016- not truthful regarding the parking situation
Everything was good with the move in, and everything has been great so thus far. The only issue I have found, which has been problem since the first night, is that parking truly is terrible. For my 2 bedroom, we have a carport and also one "guaranteed" spot behind the gates. When I have gotten home after 6:30 (which is by no means late under anyone's standards) I will circle the community 3-4 times and still can't find parking. I've had to either park down at the highschool or in the neighborhoods and walk quite a while, way up a hill at that. Parking is a huge deal for me, and I emphasized that when I moved in, but clearly was told I wouldn't have a problem. This is quite upsetting to me.

Verified Customer
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Not the best place in Laguna Hills but convenient
Maintenance is poor, after hours emergencies to you are not the same to the company. CERTAIN issues you are on your own. Poor communications skills between tenants and property management team. Lack of parking for guests and multiple car owners. Needs security for after hours not just tow trucks pulling Cars.
Arnel Management from Alicia Village responded on 02/08/2016

Hello Eloluvette! Thank you for taking the time to write this review. Our residents are very important to us and we appreciate your input, positive or negative. We can use your feedback to help improve our customer service for the future. We hope that you will not hesitate to contact us with any concerns. Our office is open from 9am to 6pm and our phone number is (949) 581-6130.

The Alicia Village Management Team
(949) 581-6130

Tate T.
Laguna Hills, CA
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
- 1 star - Ghetto in Laguna Alicia Village Don't live Here!
All the people working in the leasing office lack basic intelligence, can't speak proper English, are very rude and lie to the tenants, they only want to get as much money as they can from each tenant. Lydia is the worst she likes to selectively choose nice tenants cars that are using an open car port space that isn't occupied and have them towed 4-5 cars at a time she likes the commission she gets from the towing company. The manager Karissa is the same she gave my neighbor's notices for things they didn't do and tried to get late fee's $50. from neighbor's who didn't pay late, she lies and only cares about money her and Lydia should be fired ASAP. The leasing office rents to groups of low income immigrant gardeners who live in a small one bedroom apartment. They park their big trucks (3+) full of garbage, pails, gardening tools in all the guest spaces. The low income people let all their kids run around screaming unwatched unattended.
The leasing office also ignores on going constant complaints regarding a particular apartment that is near the leasing office that has over crowding (sublets to their 3rd world family and friends), people sleeping in their backyard in plastic wrapped canopies (ghetto tents see Tate's photo's). They cook the stinkiest food (we think it's road kill) that makes everyone in the surrounding area nauseous. The young male immigrants yell and get drunk, vandalize cars (see Tate's photo's on yelp) and harasses their next door neighbor who is a single female that lives alone, she is nice, clean and quiet and very well liked by numerous neighbors.
The old lady that lives in that over crowded apartment (grandmother who was kicked out of previous apt. and goes around spitting loogies everywhere) goes around drunk harassing another near by neighbor, peering into her window and tries to open up her door. She is a single woman living alone and she has complained to the leasing office who does nothing about it and to Arnel Management but they don't care either they tell her to call the leasing office.
The leasing office managers have lied for the past several years making false promises that they would not renew, the people who live in that over crowded apartment (sleep in backyard check out yelp), lease or move them out but they are still living at Alicia Village and breaking lease rules. They vandalize neighbors cars (see photo's) and break into them, then talk about it to other neighbors. They also steel from other neighbors (young males don't work hang out in car port) but the leasing office doesn't care and they don't do anything about it. Alicia Village only cares about how much commission they can get from all the low income immigrants who come here to live knowing the leasing office doesn't do background checks (gang members lived here), allows over crowding and ignores surrounding neighbors complaints.
Both Arnel Management and Alicia Village leasing office are corrupt just as the private owner of Arnel Properties, he has been sued multiple times for cheating tenants out of their money.
Alicia Village advertises that this is a cat friendly place with no dogs but they allow people to have up to 2-3 dogs per apartment.
Arnel Management from Alicia Village responded on 06/30/2015

Dear Tate,

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. We are sincerely sorry that you had an unpleasant experience. Our residents are very important to us and we enjoy hearing your input, positive or negative. We can use your feedback to help improve our customer service for the future. We hope that you will not hesitate to contact us with any concerns. Our office is open Monday thru Sunday from 9am to 7pm.
The Alicia Village Management Team

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