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Keven S. on 04/16/2014
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Spoke with Monica. She said she spoke with the owner of the facility the day before her appointment to confirm the repairs needed. When she came in the following morning, he was not working. The employee who did work on her vehicle called later in the day to notify her he had found a problem. The repair concerned a tire he was not supposed to be repairing, which she already knew about and had chosen not to repair yet due to financial restrictions. A large metal part had been broken and it increased her estimate from $300 to $700. The two specific repairs she had brought her vehicle in for had not been addressed. She tried explaining that she was not able to afford the repair and the employee rolled his eyes at her and said she was being rude. He indicated on her paperwork that she was refusing the fix the vehicle. She ended up having to take her vehicle elsewhere for the two repairs and had a family member repair the metal part broken at the facility.
Vehicle: Kia Spectra
Category: Service
Service Date: 04/11/2014
Review Created: 04/16/2014
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Leo Q. at Baychar Auto Service responded on 05/01/2014

I (Leo, the business owner) handled the Swans when they initially came in and had the vehicle inspected, which they were not charged for. They were told that they needed a control arm bushing, a tire and an alignment, AND that their rear wheel was locking up due to a brake issue.

When they brought the vehicle in for repair I was in Florida. My 74 year old father, who ran this shop for over 55 years was covering for me, and in the week I was gone the Swans were the only 'incident' that occurred. I questioned my father, the technician that worked on their vehicle and Richard, who was helping at the front counter. 

When the technician pulled the vehicle in to the repair bay to work on it the rear wheel locked up entirely, rendering the vehicle immobile. We HAD to remove the tire and brake drum to attempt to get the wheel to turn. There was no other way to get the vehicle in or out of the building. 

When the brake drum was removed the brake material from the brake shoes fell right out. The brake shoe material had literally completely separated from the backing that holds it to the car. They chose to have the wheel put back on without brake shoes in it and take the vehicle as it was, which was not safe to drive. Had we known the brake issue had not been repaired prior to their appointment for other repairs we would have informed them that it was unsafe and an alignment is impossible if the vehicle is dragging a rear wheel, much less not turning it at all.

 Clearly things were not presented or explained well to the Snows, or they would (or should) have understood that there was no wrong-doing on our part at all. I am saddened that the situation could not be resolved at the time and that the Snows felt offended by anyone at our shop.

 It is also important to clarify that the quote for brake shoes was $154, not $400. The invoice indicated that they were refusing to fix the vehicle because it was unsafe to drive; if they got in an accident we would be liable for damages because we were the last people to touch it, even though we charged them nothing and did no repairs. The logical next step in this situation would have been to have the brakes fixed for $154 and do the non-safety related repairs at another time.

 So to sum up, I do apologize for the apparent lack of clarity the Snows received in this situation, but do not feel we were in any way at fault. We did not "brake a large metal part", we simply informed them (on two separate occasions) that they needed brake work and they chose to drive it until the brakes literally fell apart. 

Most sincerely, 

Leo, President, Baychar Auto Service Inc

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