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Ed H. on 07/16/2017
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"Horrible service"
We have been to this place many times over the years, but the last two times during 2016 did it in for us. The second to the last time my wife took her VW TDi Jetta in for an oil change. They got it up on the rack, drained the oil, then realized they didn't have the right oil. It took almost 3 hrs for them to find a place, eventually sending one of their techs to a VW dealer to buy the oil. We chalked that up to a mistake and brought the car back again a few months later, in late 2016.

As you may know, VW was going to be buying back the TDi's, and this is important. We needed 2 tires and with a road trip in the works before the buy back was to happen, we didn't want to be on bald tires on the front. These people INSISTED we had to buy 4 tires, it was the law, and a safety hazard, which I knew was total bunk. I told them to put 2 new tires on the front and I'd sign whatever fake waiver they wanted acknowledging I wasn't replacing the back tires.

Then they put two new tires on BACK, and moved the back tires to the front! They said they always put the best tires on the back of a FWD car. 1) I thought they always replaced all 4 tires at the same time? Caught in lie!. 2) You never put the worst tires on the front of a FWD car. That is where all of the work is done. The back tires are just hanging out and might help in a hard brake situation.

We will never go back. Ever. We have 3 cars that they have serviced, and never again.
Review Created: 07/16/2017 08:54 AM
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