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Juan R.
Port Isabel, TX
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Mechanics great but Managers need customer skills
I bought a 2010 Tundra, with two rust spots that where fixed by collision dept-Jaime and his staff were excellent but the managers never called or provided an update. When I picked up the vechicle after a week and half, never was greeted and the manager asked if the rear window was working although it was removed and not connected properly. The wheel was vibrating and was never told even though week prior was taken for an oil change and should have been part of the courtesy inspection. It was finally checked and found out to be a tire (hump) although I have only had the vechicle for a month with only 10,000 miles, again it should have been checked prior to sale since the truck is a 2010 and most companies recommend tires changed at 4-5yrs interval due to the age of the tire. I took it to discount tire and the tires where rotated and the bad tire replaced with the spare. It fixed the problem. Cardenas could have done this but did not, especially since I have bought two vechicles from them. The loaner vechicle had a nail in one of the tires and two tires were low on air. The month of October was one to remember, now the brake light is on......

Brownsville, TX
Verified Customer
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excellent service

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