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Its an up and down feeling when you move into your first apartment. I mean, I feel great to have my new apartment, but I want to be clear. I will be 100 % truthful with my review. Customer service is big with me, and they nailed it. They tried really hard to find me a place, even called a few other apartment complexes before they had an opening. Setting up was easy. Simple calls to Anaheim water and power, and getting renters insurance online. Now i'm in a studio. So for the size, its nice. My unit came with a Refrigerator and stove. I love the restroom. Its like another room with room to change in, and big closet. Down side: Well the big thing is the parking. Parking is a hassle because I think most people there have a few more cars then they should. I get lucky because I have a spot, but when my girlfriend comes over its a hassle because I have to save her a spot so then she can park in my spot. Last thing is bugs. Now I do keep finding spiders there and I believe its not the apartments fault. I think beauty comes with a price, and the price of having so many trees and plants and flowers is that there are bugs. I spray my patio and my doors a lot. They aren't the dangerous ones , the daddy long legs ones but no one likes spiders. But I don't find them every day I mean you will encounter one once in a while. But the its a nice place. Place is very quiet, and everyone keeps to themselves.
Arnel Management from Casa Madrid responded on 09/09/2015

Hi Antonio,

Welcome to Casa Madrid and congrats on your first apartment home! We are happy to have you join our community. Should you need anything in the future, please feel free to contact us. Our office is open 9am to 7pm.

The Casa Madrid Management Team