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Ken N.
Eagle Point, OR
Verified Customer
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i was not pleased with ur service lastr time i brought in my car. i came in for an oil change and for u to look at my cooling system.it coast me $24>99 4 u to c i needed coolant. u charged me $63.00 4ur u to change my hoset that hose is a 15min.job at most.the "mechanic" was by my car at noon. he walked around,talked to other "mechanic,went to the bathroom,walked backed,stopped and chatted,got back to my car and squeezed my hose. this took 25mins.of my time!! finally got the car back,paid my bill and took off.I wen 1 mile and my car kept stalling. it took me 15min to push m,y car back to ur garage.had to stop twice and have people help me push it to the side of the road!! TWICW!! finally got back to ur garage. told jim my car was running like crap!! he said "well, we had to stam clean the engine!! waited anothe 20 mins for ur "mechanic" to get my car running right. my total down time was almost an hour!! my time is worth something besides waiting for my car 2 b fixed after u guys screwed it up the first time
u guys didnt even test drive my car to make sure it was running like it should i am very dissapointed in ur work ethic. plus i brought in my wifes car for a "bumper 2 bumper inspection" u charged me $15 dollars for that and $63 to change my spark plugs!!! $63 to change 4 spark plugs!!! then i brought in the rio for a timing belt, that was fine except u told me i had a "weak clutch", how come u didnt find that in the "bumper to bumper" inspection i am very dissapointed in ur last services on both cars!!!we have been coming to u gor about 20yrs i will think twice about coming in their again!! u bettewr check ur mechanics out!!! VERY DISSAPOINTED

Victoria F.
Medford, OR
Verified Customer
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happy customer
The staff at Dave's Import Service was profesional and efficient. The repairs my car needed were explained in terms I could understand and all my questions were answered. They were kind, courteous and fair. Dave stands behind his work and is and honest straight forward. I will continue to take my car to Dave's Import Service.

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