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Ginny J.
Greeley, CO
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Trustworthy Mechanic
I am so happy to have found a competent and honest mechanic to have for a family member while attending college. John works hard to keep all customers happy, which is not an easy task. We have used John many times for an older and have been very satisfied and are now buying a car a few years newer at Greeley West Auto because of John’s recommendation.

Emilie S.
Greeley, CO
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Close this place down
The most unprofessional place I’ve gone to. Had to go have the work redone because they don’t know how to be honest. The owner has no idea what he is doing. They think people are dumb and except their work. Their is something definitely going on here. But fixing cars and warranting there work is not what they do. Shame on you, another crooked establishment here in our great city. The have the nerve to be working on anyone’s car.

Leonard R.
Greeley, CO
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Service and attitude
Had work done twice in the last month satisfied first time. The second time had power steering pump , power steering gear box and lines replaced. Was supposed to have 4wd actuator on differential replaced. Quoted 172 for part and .06 hours labor. Left truck all day. Went to pickup vehicle at end of day and was told it wasn't that actuator but the one on the firewall. They tried telling me it was about the same price. Actually it's a 25 dollar part. Quite a difference. Told me to bring truck back in morning and it would take 15 minutes. So I did . He had a vehicle inside already and was trying to get mine done in 17 degree weather. He got in a hurry and was trying to get done with battery in place which is impossible. Dropped old part down fender well. I said how about removing battery. He got rude and cocky and basically told me I was stupid. Then he tried putting new one in an d dropped that one. Still didn't pull battery. Tried fishing it out with a grab tool. Ended up knocking new one down fender well. Fished old one out couldn't find new one. Tore my fender trim off and inner liner. Nothing. After 100 cusswords and all that time he said F#** it I'll order another one and call you later. Slammed my hood and walked inside. I opened hood and crawled up on motor to look down and see if I could see it anywhere. He came out and acting like the 12 year old he is started talking crap saying he'd order another. At this point I had it with his childish behavior. I went home pulled battery and battery​ box . Took a whopping 5 minutes. Saw the path it fell in and fished out of frame. Installed and got back together complete in 17 minutes. Called him and said reimburse me. I have an insurance that pays 50 percent and I pay other half .I pay the insurance my half and they pay him the full amount. He told me to come in and he'd handle it. Called me a half hour later and told me he handled it with insurance and they'd reimburse me. He lied to me and them. He told them that he went inside to get tools to retrieve part and I took off. He ended up collecting the labor and part . He claims he told them 70 dollars for part. And still it's a 25 dollar part. The insurance told me he only made a 20 dollar adjustment. So he got 122 dollars for a 25 dollar part. I'm out my 61 dollars I paid plus part of the labor. The mechanic is very childish ,rude and a liar. The other work was alright but overall wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy . Think twice.

jason d.
Greeley, CO
Verified Customer
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Great repair shop!!
This is the place. John and George are the men!!

kellian v.
La Salle, CO
Verified Customer
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Great customer service. I am glad I found a mechanic I can actually trust. Makes things easy to understand if you know nothing about cars.

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