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Mike J.
Toledo, OH
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Awful Place
We are a dealership & mechanic shop took a diesel truck for minor oil leak back in January 2019 and they started exaggerating the problems and asking to replace the turbo and PCM, which they did but they claimed that didn't stop the oil leak advising us that complete reseal would be required. They had the truck for months and then we forcefully approved the work hoping that would do the job. weeks went by and we received a call advising us that the truck was repaired but they claimed that there is still minor oil leak. There was an argument about it but we had to pay the money to get our truck back. Once we drove it back to our shop, we found out that there were multiple leaks and oil is dripping fast. We called them but they wouldn't acknowledge and respond. They charged us over $3,300 for labor only and the truck is just sitting with a major leak, thanks to them. This matter will be handled legally.

Jason P.
Lambertville, MI
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Awful service
awful service. i took my car in and they told me it needed a new fuel pump. i thought the price seemed extremely high so i took it somewhere else for half the price. when car got to new shop i was told it was not the fuel pump and needed a new conputer. new shop fixed the conputer and car runs great now. i called and spoke with owner of JJs about this and was very rude, changing his story on if car was running in their shop or not. i would have paid them to fix a fuel pump that was properly functioning amd car still would not have ran correctly. these guys are not professionals! do not trust your vehicle with them! when i told him last wk that he was underbid for the fuel pump when i called around he argued with me saying nobody coukd do it for that price. very unorofessiobal and rude!

Rita D.
Toledo, OH
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Not Trustworthy! They DON’T carry Insurance!
The owner John and admitted to fault for dropping my vehicle off of his tow truck that cost over $2000 in damages he wanted to keep it hush-hush and take care of the damages himself at his shop at his expense thank God I chose to go through my insurance company because something seems a little sketchy to me now the idiot refuses to communicate with my insurance company via email telephone or anything else it is now on his credit report for his refusal to pay! Why will he NOT provide his insurance company info?

Temperance, MI
Verified Customer
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Thanks again John. This may be a stupid question, but will I have dual heat in the winter since the lines were cut to the back of the Suburban?

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