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Review for Lister's Automotive
BILL H. on 12/22/2015
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"Amateurs, no customer service, not serious about staying in business."
From: Bill Harris
Phone: 321-405-3456
E-mail: ac8aqcall@gmail.com

Feedback on Lister’s garage from service performed on November 30 – December 8, 2015, on my Ford F-150 (clutch components replaced).

On average, I found the service I received from the shop unacceptable in most areas. I considered the service of amateur/shade tree mechanic caliber, especially though in the area of customer service, which was totally lacking. This is very surprising in light of the all the positive reviews I found on the Internet.


(1) The job took 7 times longer than it should have. I called before bringing the truck over and described what I needed done to make sure it was something you could handle comfortably. If you are backed up, you should schedule an appointment when you can get to it so I don’t have to go without my ride all week. If you don’t expect to be able to get to it within 2 days, you should recommend another shop that can do the job. You should try going without your car for a week to get to work; having it out of commission for 5 – 6 days longer than necessary is really intolerable.
(2) I was never called about the status of my truck; I had to do the calling. The only call I did receive, was at 4:40 PM Friday that the truck was finished. So, I went though some trouble to quickly find a ride to get me to the shop before closing. After paying the bill, I was told the truck wasn’t ready; I would have to wait another 3 days for it to be finished.
(3) The price for the repair seemed quite high. By comparison, 4 years ago, I had the same clutch components replaced on a Chevy Silverado in the Cincinnati area (where the cost of living is higher due to state and city income tax). During this servicing, I also had the rear crankshaft seal and the exhaust system replaced from the catalytic converter on back. The bill at that time came to $1100 and it took them only 5 hours to do all the work.
(4) When it came time to pay the $1424 bill at Lister’s, the amount was 11% higher than the $1280 estimate. Considering the excessive amount of time I had to wait for the job to be finished, a fair amount would have been in the $700 range.
(5) When I finally got the truck back, I noticed immediately there was air in the clutch hydraulic system, causing the clutch to disengage just off the floor. I decided to take the truck home at that point to see what else was wrong. When I got it home, I discovered engine grease/dirt on several places on the interior driver’s side of the truck (grease on the arm rest, door, driver’s seat, steering wheel, seatbelt, center console and floor mat). As a result, I spent about 2 hours cleaning up the truck. Fortunately, I have lots of experience cleaning with this type of cleaning and had a detergent made for this application. When I mentioned this to Butch, his response was “Oh??? Sorry about that.” To me, this indicates that no one cares. Real auto service shops cover the seat and floor mat with a disposable covering while in service. The mechanics also wear disposable gloves.

I did appreciate being allowed to come into the service bay while the transmission was out and the rundown on what you found.

I also appreciate having my problems fixed in one day when I brought the truck back in the following day.
Vehicle: Ford Pickup Heritage
Service Date: 12/07/2015
Review Created: 12/22/2015 09:01 AM
Butch L. at Lister's Automotive responded on 01/21/2016

We here at Lister's Automotive regret that you feel this way, please feel free to contact me.  Butch Lister