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Pissed B.
Conshohocken, PA
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These people are complete scammers. They sell used parts that won’t pass inspection, causing you to have to come back for a replacement every 3 months. The prices are completely outrageous compared to dealership prices.

Michael E.
Philadelphia, PA
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This place is a scam. If you bring your car there for an inspection, be prepared to hear a lundry list of things wrong with the car. Bring it somewhere else and all these “problems” magically disapeared. They ripped me off for 800. Read the reviews. Youve been warned.

H H.
Arvada, CO
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Non stop calls about getting you to come in for a inspection
Literally. Stop calling people to come in to get their car inspected. I've never used you guys. I don't have that car anymore. You're literally just annoying potential customers.

Bridget F.
Plymouth Meeting, PA
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Ask for a detailed bill PRIOR to leaving your car there...check your bill closely if you dare to go there
I just went there for an emissions and inspection as well as oil change and tire rotation with coupons for both. The coupons were 19.99 and 29.99, respectively. The bill I was handed was $108.09. I asked the manager to review the charges on how $50 had more than doubled and she tried to blame it on taxes. You have to pay taxes on the original charge. Okay, I said, well if the original charge is $60 for an oil change and tire rotation, then the tax on that is $3.60. Where are the remaining charges coming from? The coupon says that an oil filter is included in the coupon. However, I was charged $8.99. She then told me that they only credit $4.23 for a "standard" filter and that mine didn't meet the criteria (there is nothing in the fine print on the coupon about this ridiculousness...we are talking about a 2017 Hyundai Elantra for anyone interested). So, their actual charges if I didn't have a coupon was $184.63 plus hazmat charge of .92 cents plus tax. They took a discount of $59.99 for the state emission & inspection from an original charge of 33.95 plus 47.55 (this does not include the $7 sticker charge either). They incorrectly charged me for a Rotate and Balance 4 tires at 39.95 when they were only supposed to do a tire rotation. Finally, the manager read the bill and noticed the incorrect charge and adjusted that. She said that it was only a $13 difference. In actuality, it was a $24 difference. Not once did she apologize for the error. The add'l "charges" include a $10.49 charge for the oil itself, $8.99 for the oil filter (although the coupon clearly states that it includes the oil filter in the coupon price), and $9.23 for "shop supplies". This last one was my favorite. "Shop supplies" according to her were for the mechanic's gloves (you know, the ones you can buy in packs of 100 at Harbor Freight for a couple of bucks) and paper floor mats. Now that has to add up to a lot of money charged to customers for every customer to be charged a "shop supplies" fee of $9.23. As you may have guessed, I will not be returning to this shop. My next step will be to contact the PA State Attorney General about the false advertising.

Brian N.
Worcester, PA
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These people should all be in jail
Total scam artists, do not trust this place or anyone who works there, scum of the earth. They told me i needed a $700+ control arm replacement, went from there to mazda and they said that Plymouth auto is trying to rip me off, nothing wrong with my car at all. they will also fail your inspection for whatever bullshit reason they can think of (like control arms that are in great condition, according to REAL mechanics) then charge you a "re-inspection fee" *first time I ever heard of that. Do not take your car there for anything other than gas.

Pj Y.
Lafayette Hill, PA
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They offer coupons and deals because they get no repeat business
Only time i have ever heard of a re-inspection fee. They will try and upsell you for things you dont need and fail your car for inspection to get additional work for themselves. Labor rate 120/hr? The car dealerships are cheaper. Stay away!

Jade R.
Brookhaven, PA
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I had my car towed from BMW of mainline with the intentions of having it towed to a fantastic auto repair shop called AMF Auto Repair in Brookhaven, PA for a starter repair. My AAA driver Bill advised he knew of an even better shop that would have a loaner car for me and be able match the quote AMF gave me and have it fixed by the next day. Against better judgement and regrettably I followed Bills advice and had my car towed to Plymouth Auto. The car was fixed the next day as Bill promised but once I got it back the Steering wheel lock light was on. I called immediately, left and message and was not contacted back. I finally spoke with Adrienne who assured me he would fix the issue, and advised me to have my car towed the 22 mi. Of course I did and the next day Lisa called me and told me they could not fix the issue, it was not their fault and there was nothing she could do. Awful customer service. All of this after they used a picture of my vehicle for advertising which I did not authorize. DO NOT EVER TAKE YOUR CAR THERE!!!!!!!

Lansdale, PA
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I went to Plymouth Auto & Tire Center for my state inspection. The customer service was terrible, Mike the GM told me the car would take an hour (which ended up being 2 hours). Then he continued tell me that the car did not pass safety inspection because of an issue with the tire, so he gave me an estimate on the cost of the repairs which was astronomical. So, I called my local mechanic who said he can do it for about $200 cheaper than what they were offering me. So I told Mike I could take it to my mechanic and return to finish the state inspection. Mike said that the work would have to be completed there in order for me to get the inspection sticker and if I would leave and come back in which case I would have to pay the full cost of the inspection, which means that I would have to pay the full cost including the cost of the groupon. I have purchased groupons for state inspection on 3 different occasions all the other places allowed me 14 days to get the work done and bring it back and they will accept the groupon.

On top of that after my mechanic looked at the car and told me there was an issue with the car but by no means it would be a big enough issue to fail the inspection.

Conshohocken, PA
Suzuki SX4
Verified Customer
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auto service and repair
I have been coming to you for the last year or so and have always been pleased with the services received,

Morrisville, PA
Verified Customer
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Too expensive
work is fine but $57 for an oil change

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