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Review for Premier Nissan Stevens Creek

Sunnyvale, CA
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I want to give an exceptional review to some very exceptional people: NICK HADENFELDT, IDRIS OSMANI, EDGAR LOPEZ AND LEO STEFANI – and the GENERAL MANAGER (I didn’t get his full name) – all at Premier Nissan – Stevens Creek, San Jose, CA.

I first went to Nissan Sunnyvale to purchase the Rogue SUV and spent hours there on a Sunday. The finance folks were ALL horrible! They threw in all these charges thinking I wouldn’t notice and when I did they wouldn’t even let me hold the paperwork to see what exactly was listed. After doing my homework, I knew what I wanted and how much it would cost. They were trying to take advantage of me since I’m a woman and I went in there all by myself. First they said I was approved at a low APR, and then it changed to a really high APR after I told them to remove all the additional charges. Then they said they were closing and it was too late to even call the banks for financing which didn’t even make sense. How would they know what APR I would receive if they didn’t even talk to the banks yet? They said they would call me in the morning. So, I left with without buying a car.

Then after 4 days of calling them to try and get the low price I had negotiated (and no return calls), I called the general manager at Premier Nissan – Stevens Creek. I told him what happened and he said to come into his dealership and promised that his team would take care of me.

I made an appointment with NICK HADENFELDT (Financing), who was so nice, upfront and honest about everything. He didn’t rush or pressure me and he listened to my concerns and questions. He did everything he could to assist me in purchasing the exact car I wanted and even worked extra hard to get me the lowest APR possible. He really treated me with dignity and never made me feel like I was being taken advantage. He even ran the numbers with different options for me to choose from to make sure I could afford my payments.

Then EDGAR LOPEZ took me for a test drive and was a very polite and professional salesperson. He showed me all the colors available and helped me pick one out. He even stayed late with the others to make sure everything went smoothly.

Next I was sent to IDRIS OSMANI (Finance Director) – I just loved him! He made the hardest part of the process go as quick and painless as possible. The final price on all the paperwork was what we negotiated and there were no last-minute surprises. No games, no lies, he even found ways to save me more money in the end (along with Nick). He made sure I understood every single charge listed. We even bonded over our love for our canine children.

Finally, LEO STEFANI (Sales) took the time to show me how everything in my brand new (detailed) car worked. He even helped me set up the blue tooth with my iphone, etc. He took his time and answered all my questions

I could tell that all of these gentlemen were being EXTRA nice, kind and helpful because the general manager told them about my horrible experience at the previous dealership, but also because they are all genuinely nice people and that they cared about helping me.

I just want to say thank you once again to all of them for the wonderful customer service, patience, respect, time (and staying late), and effort in treating me like royalty (that’s how I really felt during the whole process). It turned out to be an exceptional experience and I even had a lot of fun hanging out with them that night. I REALLY LOVE my new car!!!! I have and will tell anyone that listens: to go to Premier Nissan – Stevens Creek and ask for NICK HADENFELDT, IDRIS OSMANI, EDGAR LOPEZ AND LEO STEFANI - BeckyP