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DAVE T. on 03/06/2017
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"Upsell crazy."
I had taken my Rav4 here previously for work and the work seems fine but there was always an upsell at every visit so I got tired of the pressure and quit going. Today, I needed a simple oil change and they are close so I decided to take the Rav for a quick service. Dropped it off just after opening and went to do run some errands. About an hour later I get a call from a tech saying my car was done but there were several other routine services due and an oil leak coming from the valve cover. I asked for an estimate on replacing the valve cover gasket. He said $100 labor plus parts and that it should take about an hour and half which would be about 11 am. I figured the gasket would cost about $25 so I said do the valve cover but not the other services he mentioned since they were done earlier at another shop. I called about 11 and they said it wouldn't be done until 1 which was slightly frustrating. I called about 130 and my car was done. I went to the front desk to pay. Nobody was at the counter for several minutes. The owner came in and handed a key to another customer that was waiting and basically ignored me an walked back out. A younger man came in a few minutes later and wrote up the ticket which ended up being $206. I asked the price of the valve gasket replacement and he said $163, $100 labor and $63 for the gasket. I mentioned that the price for a gasket seemed pretty steep and he said there was a delivery charge for the part. I just looked at him, paid, and left. I googled the cost for a valve gasket and you can purchase them for around $20. And their $20 oil change they advertise ended up costing almost $40 so go figure. I won't be going back. Btw, there is an app called open bay that will solicit quotes for different services. I received 6 quotes for a valve cover gasket replacement and the the highest quote was $116. Hindsight is always 20/20.
Vehicle: Toyota RAV4
Service Date: 03/03/2017
Review Created: 03/06/2017 08:32 AM
DAVE S. at Sornoso Auto Repair responded on 03/21/2017

im sorry for  miss charge i have a new worker . who no long with me . he was a guy i tryed out but didnt work out . he was very indenpence and the charge for repair was to much, come back for your refund . next time talk to me and ill take care of it . thanks DAVE  

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