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Review for Eastport Shell
'Roedel M. on 11/14/2015
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"Great location"
Job was done ; my leather on the passenger sear was ripped and Bud took a picture of the damage but was reluctant to fix or take responsibility for it . Also their is a loud whistle noise when I'm driving coming from the passenger side that wasn't their before I brought it in . He stated that the weight of his mechanic made the rip in the leather . But made no move to make an appointment to take care of it.i also road around with my glove compartment contents out on the floor for two weeks.a car loaner that I had to cough up some money for and their customer service was not the best . The job was completed but my ripped leather seat and the whistling noise is unacceptable
Service Date: 09/15/2015
Review Created: 11/14/2015 09:03 PM
bud e. at Eastport Shell responded on 11/17/2015

We are sorry you feel the way you do about our service on your 18 year old Land Rover that we performed back in September.  Actually we are a bit surprised by your summary of our service as it appeared to us at the time that you were very happy with the fact that we were able to fix many systems on this car that was in a bit rough shape, being able to get most of the parts we needed within the same day.

So let me start out by thanking you for taking the time to provide your input, it appears we seriously mis read a Customer, something we are not happy with.

As you will recall the reason you rode around in the car with parts on the floor was to accommodate your very complex scheduling needs of having transportation to get to work, and only being able to leave the car with us for 4 or 5 hours spurts at a time, and that is why we finally suggested a rental car for your sue at a steeply discounted rate.

As to the stitching on the seat we did take pictures of the seat and submitted them to 2 leather refurbishment places, both of which told us that the leather was so dry and the stitching so worn out from 18 years of use that the whole seat cover would have to be replaced.  They also confirmed that the stitching let loose because the leather was so old and dried out and not particularly well cared for, in other words normal wear and tear.

The flip side of this was that we were able to get all your windows working, the ventilation blower motor working, heat working, and much to your surprise we were able to inexpensively, under $165 for that item, get your air conditioning working for what you said was the first time in several years.

We would be happy to check on the whistling sound, it is probably due to the fact that some of the window tracks had rubber that is very old and hard, and now that the windows are going up and down for the first time in several years there may be a very small air space.  Please bring the car by and we can provide an estimate to address the whistling.  We do hope to see you back, as I believe you said we were the first service facility that was able to address the many issues this car has. 

Thank you for your business and taking the time to provide your input