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Review for Eastport Shell
Torrey K. on 03/23/2014
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"overheated engine fix"
I had an overheating engine and this place was my only option to have it repaired right away. It turned out I had 2 coolant hoses that had burst and 2 others that looked old so they replaced 4 hoses for $375. For $375, I came back to a lovely cigarette aroma in my car and a squeaky serpentine belt (They were messy with the coolant). Coolant stains all over the engine and belt. It took a couple days and myself tightening hose clamps for the squeaking to go away. I later noticed they charged me for a quart of oil claiming it was low. I had just changed the oil the day before with synthetic oil and had the level half-way between "add" and "full". They decided on their own I needed the level at "full" and they mixed non-synthetic oil in there.
Vehicle: Jeep Cherokee
Service Date: 03/17/2014
Review Created: 03/23/2014 08:12 AM
bud e. at Eastport Shell responded on 03/23/2014

Thank you for taking the time to respond to our survey, and although we are disapointed in your negative experience, we appreciate that you took the time to assist us in our constant effort to improve our services.  There are a couple points to consider here: 1) The coolant stains on your engine were harmless and the direct result of your hoses bursting, the car came to us 1.5 gallons low out of the required 2 gallons of coolant 2) We debated amongst ourselves whether whether to replace the belt however it was in good shape and to save you the extra expense we opted to clean it up and treat it with a conditioner that would quickly restore the belt.  As to your having to tighten hose clamps, that is very surprising as with a car that has as many hoses in such poor condition, and with the lack of preventative maintenance this car exhibited our normal practice is to repair it and then put a pressure test on it to ensure it holds pressure and that there are no other issues.  Your vehicle is noted to have held pressure for 20 minutes, our standard test period.  Finally with regards to your complaint about the wonderful cigarette aroma; the technician that worked on this car has been counseled on or policy of NEVER smoking in a Customers car, or even close to a Customer's car that has its windows open, he has been warned that further violation of this policy will be delt with more strongly.  As a non smoker myself, I am as offended by this complaint as you were offended by the smell and I invite you to contact me directly to see what we can do to make this right. Again thank you for responding and giving me the opportunity to review your experience with our technicians. bud e.