Sprayglo Fort Walton Beach

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Review for Sprayglo Fort Walton Beach
George S. on 07/28/2011
Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5rating 4
Spoke with George. He said he rated 4 on his overall experience because the paint work bubbled on the top, and his estimator Chris blamed the top bubbling on the primer and told George it was because George himself had not used a professional primer. George primed the top and hood himself, and it saved him money. If that was the reason, George wondered why the hood hadn't bubbled because the same primer was used on the hood. Chris told George he could bring it back and he'd look at it, but George hasn't had a chance yet. Everything else was good, so he was satisfied with the body work, but George said he wouldn't put his name on a job like that. When they saw it happening they should have called and given another quote if it was going to cost more to fix, because all he wanted was to have it done right. Everything else was good, and that was the only part he was kind of annoyed with. At first he was excited seeing the vehicle, but that changed as soon as he saw the top. George commented as a teen he didn't want to challenge Chris, but his Dad told him whether it's a cheap job or an expensive job, it should still be the best job, so he'd called Chris. It's very noticeable, and looks like sand was thrown on and painted over. The vehicle was 2 days late because an employee was sick. George was happy they gave him the option of priming because it lowered the price from $450 to about $380. For the most part Chris was nice and helpful, and George has already recommended this business. He chose them because they're a big company and he thought they were trustworthy, in addition to the ad he saw in the newspaper.
Category: Collision
Review Created: 07/28/2011