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Stone M. on 09/26/2013
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"Went Downhill"
I got their supreme package and if everything had went right the first time around they would have probably gotten about 3.5 stars. However they made mistakes that just compounded.

Problems with the paint: they let paint drip on the door and spoiler. These are things I should have never seen, they should have kept my car until this stuff was taken care of. Instead they call me and tell me it's ready. They make no note of the mistake but I inspected the car and told him. He said they would fix it just bring it in after a week. I bring it in after about 2 weeks he said sorry two busy bring it in again even though originally he said no appointment would be needed, just drop by.

Frustrated, I bring it in again and they try to fix it on the spot. After about 30min he came to me and said the mistakes they couldn't buff out and they would have to repaint the door. He said he fixed the spoiler. I take a look at the spoiler and it looks like crap. It's cracking and looks as if someone just took a brush to it.

I brought my car again to them (3rd time now) and dropped it off overnight. I picked it up and they fixed the door however the spoiler still isn't perfect. But by now I was too frustrated to deal with them anymore and just accepted it.

Additional problems:
-In the paint they never fixed any imperfections (ie buff, sand, prime out) they just sprayed over them which sucks because you can still see the roughness underneath the new paint.
-Didn’t remove all door dings
-My car was dirty inside as if they had left the windows down
-Grease left on windows and mirrors
-Over spray was on my mirrors, lights, wheels, and panels. The overspray came off all the parts except the panels (will probably have to get that repainted elsewhere). That's just a sign of bad workmanship; it's not that hard to properly tape up when painting.
-Lastly and this may be small, but my alarm was never armed, they just had it sitting in the lot out front and this isn’t the best neighborhood in Atlanta

All in all they are a mediocre shop at best. My car originally wasn't in that bad of shape so painting it should have been easy. I would not go here again and would not recommend them. They are a budget shop which is fine if you want to spruce up your old Corolla but if you have any decent car take it somewhere better.
Service Date: 07/31/2013
Review Created: 09/26/2013 02:37 PM