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Tramaine M. on 05/16/2011
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Tramaine said there was a ding on his fender they didn't sand all the way out. It was something he had asked them to do and he paid them to do it. His left fender was not sanded down. He wanted them to do the job right the first time so he didn't have to take it back. He was not satisfied with the repair because of the reasons mentioned above. Tramaine said he was not satisfied with the communication because they did not call him to let him know the status of his vehicle. The paint work they did was beautiful. They should have better communication with the detail work.
Category: Collision
Review Created: 05/16/2011
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Jason D. at Sprayglo Metropolitan Parkway responded on 05/20/2011
We do our best to thoroughly inspect every vehicle at the time of the estimate and offer the opportunity to repair any damage that may be found. Our paint services do not include any body repairs and no amount of sanding will ever remove a ding, no matter how small. So dents, dings, rust, etc. must be spotted and agreed upon at the time of the estimate. Though repairs were made on the right fender, hood, left quarter panel & both bumpers prior to painting, none were noted or charged for on the left fender. It is possible that small dents and dings that are not apparent before the paint is applied may become visible afterward. Especially when painting an older vehicle black, as was the case here. However, we strive for 100% satisfaction, so if this ever happens, we will do our best to reach a mutually agreeable solution!