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Skye A. on 07/23/2011
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Skye said she was not satisfied with the overall experience because they painted her vehicle the wrong color. The second time they painted it, it still didn't look like the color she chose. She was told it looked different because it was painted on a much larger scale than the small sample. The person that prepared her estimate was rushing and wasn't thorough. Because of these reasons she would not recommend the business.
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Review Created: 07/23/2011
Kevin I. at Sprayglo Tallahassee responded on 07/29/2011
Mrs. Anderson brought in her Ford Ranger to have the color changed from black to green. At the time, the new location manager was a friend of hers and it was him who did the estimate that she is unhappy with. Also, Mrs. Anderson was charged $350 but her friend gave her an $1100 paint job. Her truck was painted black when it was supposed to be green, however, once again, her friend prepared her ticket wrong so it was not noticed until the car was delivered to Mrs. Anderson by her friend. Immediately after her truck was painted, several issues were discovered that brought to light a severe integrity issue in this shop and a change in management was facilitated. We corrected the issues with her truck after this and she seemed satisfied. I believe that if her friend were still an employee, this survey would have looked much different, however, since she received $800 worth of free service; whether she was made aware of it by her friend is unknown; I feel she has been more than compensated. Also, the second time her car was painted, I personally saw it and the color was an exact match.