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Anon a.
Federal Way, WA
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Avoid at all costs!
If I could give this zero stars I would. All the buildings are run down, people leave trash all over the hallway and grounds and pee in the buildings on the floors. The doors to the buildings are supposed to lock but are smashed up so we get homeless people and drug addicts smoking, peeing and sleeping in the buildings. These buildings are non-smoking and you sign a paper saying you will not smoke within 25 feet of the buildings when you sign your lease but manager Bobbi refuses to enforce the no smoking rule if you are in your apartment. Never mind that my family has asthma and suffers from horrible smoke induced headaches. Bobbi enforces the rules based on who she likes and dislikes. She treats her staff and residents like garbage and lies about everything. She just fired the only good staff member she had. The people who live here are trashy criminals. I have had to call the police about six times a month since I moved in. It's not safe! They don't have enough maintenance people so maintenance doesn't get done for months at a time. There's people screaming and running around and blasting music at all hours of the day and night. This place is an absolute nightmare and if you can, do not rent here. I can't wait till my lease is up to get out of here.

Cayla A.
Seattle, WA
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Chateau Apartments
The management is unprofessional and lazy. Refuse to answer the phone, and always has an excuse for never being in the office during business hours. - 3 managers in 3 yrs. numerous half- assed maintenance people as well. They put bandaids on repairs rather than fix anything. The majority of the residents are rude and trashy...the kids are unsupervised and damage vehicles to the knowledge of the manager. Nothing is done. People have been threatened by those cited for vehicle violations, and there is constant noise day and night. Zero enforcement. Maintenance is often not available and work is done without notice on occasion. The building is full of mold and mildew, and falling apart. No sufficient number of washer/dryers in laundry room and they are old and smell bad. Requests for new ones are ignored. The area is becoming run down and un-safe, and there is constant construction noise and from the businesses adjacent. Complaints have resolved nothing. Rent here if you want lots of stress and no peace !

Verified Customer
Verified Customer
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Rapid Decline in Quality and Safety
When I moved in almost 2years ago, I understood that my complex and my unit would be very outdated and basic. You get what you can afford. However to come home and have to encounter drug activity, people fighting, kids damaging property, management not answering calls or emails, management not addressing problem tenants participating in criminal activity, and 2 shootings at the complex in the last 90 days is reprehensible.

The carpet in my unit is old and smells, the vertical blinds fall off every time I open or close them, I have a wasps nest on my balcony, my toilet runs, there have been car break ins, fights in the parking lot, and marijuana smoke intruding into my unit. All items I have stated have been reported to property management. I hate it here and I feel very unsafe. Affordable housing should not punish people who do not make 50k+ annually.

Danyele B.
Verified Customer
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It's Okay! thats it!
They office never answers the phone! Anytime there is a problem I have to walk down there. They make like they are so busy, when there not. The wash room is dirty people dump there trash there (Just Lazy) If you have young children the playground Sucks! Playground needs lots of improving. but if i had a friend who needed a place affordable i would send them to villa capri. They would just have to go to a laundry mat instead of using villa capri's laundry facility!

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