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Review for Wimbledon Glen

Natasha T.
Costa Mesa, CA
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Slumlord with Luxury Prices
I do not recommend this apartment complex or Arnel Management. If you have an issue or need repair, they will AVOID your calls. During the last 5 months living here I've experienced issues with: gas leak, rat infestation in common-area, issues with water heater, leak that keeps coming back in ceiling after extensive repairs. Repairs are half-done or sloppily done in the cheapest way possible. All appliances are the cheapest on market (Oven is "Magic Chef" brand). At night you are awakened by loud construction on Fairview due to the 405 Improvement project from the hours of 11:00p-5:00a almost every night of the work week. The windows and walls are very thin, to the point where you can hear neighbors whistling or coughing outside. Almost all of my neighbors have moved out and most units are vacant. Please consider this review before you sign a lease with Arnel Management.