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9719 Coal Mine
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Littleton, CO 80123
(720) 440-8140
Latest Reviews for Aspen Auto Clinic - Littleton
Great service
Fast, efficient service. I feel like I've found an auto shop I can trust.
Vehicle: Hyundai Santa Fe
Service Date: 01/23/2015
Review Created: 01/25/2015 08:16 AM
Excellent Customer Service
Excellent customer Service. Worked in a timely manner.
Vehicle: Mazda 6
Service Date: 01/19/2015
Review Created: 01/23/2015 09:33 AM
Excellent service
These guys fixed my pickup truck quickly for the pre agreed upon price. No hassles, no problems.
Vehicle: Ford Ranger
Service Date: 12/24/2014
Review Created: 01/22/2015 10:55 AM
Brent does what it takes to keep his customers
Our first visit to Aspen back in October '14 had a few issues, but Brent did take care of them and assured us he would take care of us better next time. We came back this week for tires and an oil change. Brent got us a very competitive deal on some Fuzion tires, and comped the oil change as a gesture of good will from the October visit. How many larger larger auto repair facilities would do that? Not many in my experience. We will be back! Thank you
Vehicle: Subaru Legacy
Service Date: 01/16/2015
Review Created: 01/18/2015 07:00 AM
Auto maintenance
Excellent,would highly recommend,friendly staff
Vehicle: Toyota Highlander
Service Date: 01/14/2015
Review Created: 01/16/2015 10:22 AM
Spoke with Kristy. She said she gets really great service from this business. They are honest and seem to care just as much as she does about her vehicle. They have the most competitive prices that she has ever seen for this type of business.
Vehicle: Ford Focus
Category: Service
Service Date: 01/10/2015
Review Created: 01/14/2015
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Great Service
Brought my car in on short notice. I had noticed a problem with the lights in my dashboard and called Aspen Auto at 5 or 6pm to setup an appointment. They were very happy to fit me in at 2pm the next day! I told them about the problems and they reassured me that they would find the problem. They figured it out quickly and called me back about the repair options. I felt no pressure about the repairs. They quickly go the car fixed and back to me. The bill ended up being less than the estimate they gave me. Also, I was able to use a coupon to bring it down more. I was so happy with the service, my sister and I brought her car in the next day for an oil change. I love Aspen Auto. I trust them completely with my car.
Vehicle: Ford Taurus
Service Date: 01/09/2015
Review Created: 01/13/2015 11:43 AM
Beautiful Facility
Everyone was very friendly. It was just an oil change. The waiting room was beautiful with all sorts of treats. The work was done in the amount of time they said it would take.
Vehicle: Honda Civic
Service Date: 01/08/2015
Review Created: 01/11/2015 07:38 AM
I love you guys! Always a thorough,professional experience.
I've been to your shop three times now and am always happy with the service. I get fast,thorough service at a great price! I've been referring everyone to you. Thanks for truly caring!!
Vehicle: Toyota FJ Cruiser
Service Date: 01/09/2015
Review Created: 01/10/2015 08:53 PM
Fast and friendly service
Brent and his crew do a great job.
Vehicle: Acura MDX
Service Date: 01/07/2015
Review Created: 01/10/2015 06:41 PM
Friendly! Smooth and rapid. Thanks again guys for being dependable!
Vehicle: Ford Focus
Service Date: 01/06/2015
Review Created: 01/08/2015 07:19 AM
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Doug G. in Bend, OR on 01/08/2015
Doug said he felt a little taken advantage of. He was charged over $700 for a tune up but he is happy with how great his vehicle runs.
Vehicle: Ford Expedition
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/31/2014
Review Created: 01/08/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Linda said the business did everything they were supposed to do.
Vehicle: Chevrolet HHR
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/18/2014
Review Created: 01/07/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Harry said what the business did, they did well.
Vehicle: Toyota T100
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/31/2014
Review Created: 01/07/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Gerry said this business fixed his vehicle the same day he took it in.
Vehicle: Dodge Dakota
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/22/2014
Review Created: 01/03/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Maliha said the staff at this facility was great.
Vehicle: Oldsmobile Silhouette
Category: Service
Service Date: 12/19/2014
Review Created: 01/03/2015
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Customer Service!
I had an oil change and tire rotation done about a month ago at Aspen Auto and they did a great job. Couple days ago my light came on indicating wrong tire pressure. I brought it in an they adjusted the tire pressure and re-set my tire monitors and now everything is perfect once again. Love this place!
Vehicle: Cadillac DTS
Service Date: 12/29/2014
Review Created: 12/31/2014 02:01 PM
Service Review
Great service for my Volvo xc90. Will definitely return for service.
Vehicle: Volvo XC90
Service Date: 10/30/2014
Review Created: 12/30/2014 09:17 AM
Oil change
I appreciate the service and getting the oil change within my timeframes. However, synthetic oil was used without my consent. It would have been nice to have been consulted prior to the service regarding what type of oil I wanted.
Vehicle: Subaru Outback
Service Date: 12/19/2014
Review Created: 12/25/2014 10:42 AM
Just Good Straight Forward Service
Brought my car in with an old coupon for an oil change deal and it was accepted with no questions asked. Then, when I picked the car up there was no extensive list of things my car supposedly needed except for what I had questioned when I dropped it off.
Vehicle: Mitsubishi 3000GT
Service Date: 12/20/2014
Review Created: 12/25/2014 09:48 AM
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