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Brian B.
Corona, CA
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Consumers Beware *

Consumers beware of A Plus Auto & Truck Repair Inc. They claim to be a certified Ford truck mechanic repair shop in Corona Ca .

The owner and mechanics are dishonest, and thieves.

My husband and I made a huge mistake and trusted the owner and mechanics with our Ford truck for minor repairs. We neglected to look them up on Yelp.

They gave us an estimated time frame and price for parts and labor. They guaranteed that our Ford truck would be running like new in no time.

So after four months of being lied to my husband had the truck towed from Corona to Hesperia. But before my husband could have it towed away the owner had the nerve to charge over $5000 for so call truck repairs.

Do not make the same mistake we did. Always verify the shop you are considering is registered with the Bureau of automotive, and check to see if there has been any disaplinary action taken against the auto shop . You can verify a license online, or call(800) 952-5210.

All auto repair shops in California must be registered with the Bureau of automotive repair, and every repair shop must post this sign to inform customers of their rights.

We will file a complaint with the Bureau of automotive repair .

Cynthia C.
Riverside, CA
Kia Spectra
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