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Weymouth, MA
Nissan Juke
Verified Customer
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Very disappointed.
I could not be more disappointed than I was with you charging my wife $65 to drive 3 blocks to jump our car. We'll probably go elsewhere from now on.
Marian D. from All Make Auto Care Inc responded on 01/24/2017

We are sorry you feel that $65.00 is to much money to send a $80,000.00 truck to come and jump start your vehicle. Road service anywhere in our town is $65.00. Then we charge 49.95 to test the battery, replace it and check the starting system.  This fee was not charged on your invoice.  So you got a free battery replacement or you got a $15.00 jump start.  Either way you add it you saved 49.95.  I don't think you work for nothing at your job because in this instance we almost did. How ungreatful.

Ronald C.
Weymouth, MA
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Owner rude
Dropped off my son's car for service same problem 3 times never got to bottom of the proble m after dropping lots of money, somehow owner refused to fix gave up and swore at me never in my life have I ever been treated like this in a place of bussiness
Marian D. from All Make Auto Care Inc responded on 09/28/2015

On May 20, 2015 Mr. Clapp made an appointment to dropped off a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee with 109,732 miles for us to check the battery and check for a power steering leak. Mr. Clapp stated that he was seeing spots of power steering fluid. We got permission to replaced the battery but at that time couldn't find where (if any) leaks with the power steering. Mr. Clapp dropped the Jeep back off on June 22, 2015 for a power steering leak again in which we found the power steering pump did have a leak. We called to confirm with Mr. clapp what we had found and he again gave us permission to fix the vehicle. Once again Mr. Clapp dropped off the Jeep on August 14, 2015 for a power steering leak to which we found that the power steering cooler was replaced by someone else and when that job was preformed they had twisted the power steering hose and that the wheel well fenders also had to be reattached and so did the air cleaner assembly. We called Mr. Clapp once again and explained what had we found and what needs to be done to resolve the issue and once again Mr. Clapp gave us the OK to fix the vehicle. A couple weeks later the jeep was back because one of the clamps became loose to which we tightened up and did not see anything else leaking. On September 22, 2015 Mr Clapp dropped off the same vehicle for the same issue. After spending a few hours cleaning and running the vehicle we found that the steering box was the cause of the leak this time. After dealing with this vehicle and how rude Mr. clapp's letters were that he wrote to us every time he had dropped the vehicle off, the owner decided that he was not interested in dealing with this customer any longer. When the office manager call to let Mr. Clapp know what the problem with the vehicle was and that we would not be interested in fixing the vehicle Mr. Clapp just hung-up. About 5 minutes later Mr. Clapp called back to speak with the owner. When the owner got on the phone Mr. Clapp was very rude and started calling us names and swearing at us, also told the owner that he was a stupid F**K. Of course the owner told him that he is the most arrogant and ungrateful F**K and hung up the phone. In Mr. Clapps notes that he wrote to us everytime he dropped off the vehicle he was referring to us as if we were all a bunch of total idiots. At first we were all laughing at it and saying that this is not a good way to talk to people before they even touch your vehicle but after the third time his letters to us stopped being funny. The business has been here for over twenty years and I learned that respect is earned not given. Mr. Clapp should treat other people the way he would like to be treated. We as a company deserve at least a little respect.

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