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Weymouth, MA
Toyota Camry
Verified Customer
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Not a complainer
I have been there many times since I moved to Weymouth in 2002. I have had five or six different vehicles in for service there. They have always done exemplary work. I have never complained about any work they have done nor have had any reason to. There have never been any callbacks. This cabin air filter nonsense is a well known scam in the auto business. I understand flat rate fees. They get you for $52 total for a $12 filter that I didn’t ask anyone to check or replace. I’m surprised that they stoop this low. The tranny fluid needs replacing why didn’t they do that? What about a radiator flush? You usually get this sort of stuff at Jiffy Lube.

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Sad ending
Been coming here for years. Came in for a lube oil and filter.also needed a sticker. Walked out with a bill for $168. Upon review of the bill, I noticed a charge for $39 dollars for changing a cabin air filter. I asked who told you to change the cabin air filter. She replied it’s just something that we do. I went back the next business day and the owner got irate. I told him nobody asked them to check or replace anything but the oil filter. They lost a loyal customer over $39. (Check YouTube for replacement of your cabin air filter. It’s a 3 minute job dropping the glove box out of the way.) don’t fall for this scam. It’s not part of any sticker inspection
Marian D. from All Make Auto Care Inc responded on 04/02/2018

Mr. Barreda came into the shop on 3-30-2018 for an oil change and a inspection sticker. Mr. Barreda was waiting in the waiting room and was told it was going to be a little bit longer because he needed a cabin air filter and it had to be ordered.  When the filter arrived Mr. Barreda paid the bill and we showed him his old filter to which he stated " Well I guess I got my money out of that one" Here at All-Make we do not just change your oil. We go through the vehicle completely and make sure you will not be back to the shop one week later with other issues and if Mr. Barreda did not want the cabin air filter he could of just told me while he was waiting that he did not want it and I would have just sent it back to the store.  Our invoice computer gives us the labor we don't just make it up ourselves. Mr. Barreda has been here 7 times total since 2013 and always complaining and never satisfied.  His remarks after the second sentence are all false. Nobody told Mr. Barreda the filter was part of the sticker. It's maintenance and the sticker was done first.

Not quiet sure what we did wrong???? but I guess going that extra mile doesn't work for everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marian D. from All Make Auto Care Inc responded on 04/05/2018

Mr Barreda you still didn't answer any of the questions. Instead of going through this childish behavior why didn't you just say you didn't want the cabin air filter?

Christina B.
Stoughton, MA
Ford Focus
Verified Customer
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02/20/2016 Category: Service
Christina said this business messed up her windshield wipers and they were supposed to fix them. She even noted to them that the windshield wipers looked like they were not put on right, and they did not even tell her about the issue. She paid $400 for the repairs and they are still not working correctly. However, the employee at the front desk was wonderful. Overall, she expressed she is not happy with the outcome of her vehicle.
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Marian D. from All Make Auto Care Inc responded on 02/23/2016

Christina came in on February 5th  during a snow storm stating that her wipers don't work. My techs brought in the car and the found that the wiper transmission was broken due to not removing the snow before turning on the wipers. I called around for the part and ford told us that the part is back ordered which means there was a factory issue with that transmission.  We ordered oem part from ford which they don't even know when it is going to be available.  We did however get an after market part and repaired her wipers so she would not have to be without a vehicle.  The wipers do not line up perfectly as they should but at least the vehicle is driveable for the time being.  We told her when we get the new wiper transmission we will take care of it at no cost.  After we saw this review I called her and asked her why she gave me such a bad review? Her respones was we F*&in her car and I must be F*&^in kidding it's not good enough to her so when she started using the F word we told her she can go F*&^in pound sand.  She kept calling back numerous times swearing and screaming obsenities at us.

Mike B.
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
04/25/2013 Category: Service
Mike said he would not recommend this business to others because he was overcharged $100 during a previous visit. He said he was told the business would take it off his next bill and they did.
This review was collected via phone interview by Customer Research Inc.
Marian D. from All Make Auto Care Inc responded on 05/01/2013
Mike bought 1974 Triumph Spider in very bad shape. We did a lot of work to the car. One day Mike brought his own aftermarket outside mirrors for us to mount on the car. These mirrors had to be custom installed because they didn't fit right way. According to Mike we should have just screwed them in with self tapping screws and it should of taking us a half hour. Well we don't do half fast work. So we did it the right way and it took us about 3 hours to do the job right. Unfortunately Mike thought that it was way to much money so I told him I would give him a $100 off the next repair. He has been coming back regularly. So I don't know what the issue is. Mike never complained when we bleed his clutch for free or do a flat tire for free or other services that we just let him have. I will talk to Mike personally because Mike likes to dictate his own prices.

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