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Paul W.
Elgin, IL
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Unnecessary charges
I brought my Corvette to this shop for some suspension work. I brought my own parts. Vic ( the owner) was very straightforward about his price when I made the appointment. When I got the car back and drove it home it still wasn't right so i called Vic who suggested that the mechanic and I drive the car. It was agreed there might be some other worn parts on the car. No problem. I scheduled time to come back on the following Monday.

I noticed that while on my drive back to the shop to ride with the mechanic that there was a loud sequel when coming to a stop that wasn't there before. The mechanic heard it and he wasn't sure what it was. I went home after making the appointment to come back and the mechanic said he would look at it. I called back prior to my Monday appointment to confirm the work we were going to do and get a cost for the labor. When the squealing noise came up on the phone with Vic, he said there would be a non refundable $75 diagnostic charge because the car would be on the rack. Why? The car was going to be on the rack anyway for the work I was having done. When I asked he said "that the way we do business" and couldn't come up with a valid answer. So - I'm paying $75 to diagnose a loud sound that was probably caused by work they did the first time around? No way. Doesn't make any sense. I know Vic will come here with his rebuttal, but there's no way around this.

A good shop would have said "Hey I understand, we'll just take a look at it for you when you come back". It costs them nothing. This shop offers poor value and lack of professionalism based on my experience.

Its a shame because its a 10 minute walk to drop my car off here. It would have been nice to have a shop across the street that I could go to for work. Not the case. Very disappointing. And by the way, the woman who answer the phone could take a course on customer service. She is border line rude when simply calling to ask about the status of my car.

Angela H.
Elgin, IL
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Integrity? The owner is extremely nasty/rude/unprofessional. Treats women like garbage. Hung up on me. Have since talked to multiple people who have been treated poorly and overcharged.
Towed my car to Wicked Wrench and have been treated with the upmost respect and professionalism.

Chuck C.
Gilberts, IL
Verified Customer
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Chuck's Review
I would recommend you to God.

Vickie J.
Elgin, IL
Verified Customer
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Staff was great and friendly. But when I left I saw they neglected to put air in my tires which was part of the service I visited their business to receive. But to be completely fair they did fit me into their days schedule so this is a minor thing to me.

While waiting I had a chance to observe how they treated their other customers. What I saw is it's a normal everyday way to simply 'treat the customers very well.' It was not the old we'll be nice in order to get your money attitude. They genuinely care about their customers.

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