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Brian W.
Greenville, SC
Chevrolet Tahoe
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05/30/2017 Category: Service
Brian said he was not very satisfied with the price. He would tell others to get a price quote up front because he was charged about 4 times the amount for the price of parts. Everything pretty much works. The price was way out of line. The manger seems nice.
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TONY G. from Country Life Tires & Service responded on 07/19/2017

Thank you for your response.
I appreciate your business and want to remind you that the parts we used to repair your car carry a lifetime warrantee. This way you will not have to replace them yearly as you had said you had in the past with cheaper inferior parts that had previously been used. Quality parts cost more and I went over pricing before the work was done.
Thank you for your business, Tony

Betty G.
Simpsonville, SC
Mercury Villager
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Service I Didn't Ask For
Sorry Tony but I thought I found a place to service my two vehicles and my sister's car, but I was in error. Three times I took my car in for the oil leak that was diagnosed by AAA and Firestone. Country Life was closer to my home. Instead of the oil leak being taken care of, the slight leak in power steering fluid was repaired. I didn't pay over $800 for that plus $345 for a tune up I was told I needed. This was an expensive experience and I still have oil leaking on driveway. I would like to file a formal complaint with Consumer Affairs, but probably won't. I am just disgusted right now. My advice: Insist on getting what you are paying for or DON'T pay. It is not their money.
TONY G. from Country Life Tires & Service responded on 04/18/2017

I am sorry that you are unhappy. Originally when you brought your vehicle in December 15, 2016 you had stated that in the morning when first starting the power steering was tight and that there were oil spots on the ground-Look at your receipt # 16013 for the original complaint. At that time the power steering pump seal was leaking power steering fluid. The high pressure power steering hose was also leaking at the rack and pinion.

Your 1997 Mercury Villager had 182,194 miles on it and when first brought to my attention the power steering was the biggest, most obvious leak.

I told you verbally, and that is my mistake and I apologize for not writing it down, that the engine also had seepage at the valve cover gaskets and my opinion was at that time that it was not an issue because it was not what was leaking on the ground . I also mentioned to you that we could only eliminate the most obvious leak and to please bring back the vehicle in two weeks for me to double check. It is not uncommon for a vehicle that is 20 years old and has close to 200,000 miles on it to leak various fluids.

I appreciate your business. I repaired what was broken, the power steering pump that was pouring fluid onto the ground, and causing hard steering upon startup.

My advice is to not put blame on the person trying to help you keep your 20 year old car on the road safely. Power steering leaks are dangerous, valve cover gasket leaks are not. Never did I push you into spending unnecessary money on your car

Goraline H.
Piedmont, SC
Kia Sedona
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everybody makes mistakes
He took too long inspecting my car when i only asked for an oil change!! He also wrote my car had 190,496 miles when it clearly read 162,040 miles
TONY G. from Country Life Tires & Service responded on 10/17/2016

I appreciate it when a customer points out a mistake that I have made. I am sorry to disappoint Ms Henry, and have tried to reach out to here on more than two occasions.

Thank you for your continued business!

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