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Emmy W.
Boone, NC
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Violent, filthy owners
Shoddy work, dirty shop, rude owners who THREW THINGS at my husband. Please ignore their fake reviews, avoid this place at all costs

Georgia L.
Sacramento, CA
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Avoid at all costs
I broke down in West Virginia on my way to NC from CA. Stuck on the turnpike, flares, the whole thing. After sitting at another shop for a week, I finally have the car sent here. I call after a day passes because they never contacted me or the number I left with the tow truck, the woman on the phone asked me some brief questions and said she'd need to talk to someone else and would have them call me back. Again, I gave them my number for any questions, their diagnosis, estimates, etc. A day passes and I dont hear from them. I call once and leave a voicemail. My mom's boyfriend calls again, three days later, to check on the status for me, and they already have the car up on lifts, have opened it up and started pulling things out and have bought a part. He tells him the fix will be around 1000. The boyfriend consents. I was not communicated with at this time by either party. Note: I am the ONLY legal registered owner of this car. Later, he calls (again, them, not me, the owner) to say, in a very frustrated tone, that he wishes we had told him the car wouldnt shift into first. I was surprised, as I had let the woman on the phone know this fact first thing. He explains that if he had known this, he would have never done the rest of the work on the car, and it still wasnt road safe to start from 2nd gear. When we finally get to West Virginia, Mark once AGAIN chides us for not having made him aware of the car not shifting into first, and said we were still responsible for the full $950. Again: I am the only legal owner of that car, I was NEVER contacted for any work done, nor asked the essential questions this man claims would have made this labor unnecessary in the first place. My mom expressed frustration and he immediately turns red, gets in her face, and demands we leave his property or pay the bill. He continues to be incredibly physically aggressive until turning to call the police once we turned on a camera. My mom asks him if he could get consent from the next door neighbor to do work on a car and he says yes (keep THAT in mind lmao). He responds by scoffing that we're liberals, and that he wants to speak to "a male" again. The police who arrived made us aware this was not the first issue they'd had with Creager Auto, and were sympathetic although advised we needed to leave his property. I cooperated, paid my bill, and took the car they were holding hostage, which is still not road safe.

If you're a person of color, woman, or any other kind of human that this Trump-lover may harrass, I warn you away for your safety. For anyone else who would like to be communicated with for their consent before he starts impotently banging around inside your car, I'd warn you away for your wallet's sake.

At best, this man is an incompetent jerk, at worst, a vindictive sexist.

Oak Hill, WV
Verified Customer
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Great shop, always make time for us!!