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T. M.
Sanford, FL
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Poor work quality
I hate writing reviews, so for me to spend my time doing this says a lot. The experience at this collision center has been horrible. I was rear ended on February 21st and drove the car here for repairs on February 27th. My car was not ready to be picked up until March 29th. The center had my car for over a month and the QUALITY of the work was appalling. There was a HUGE gap in my trunk area to where I could see inside the trunk. The spoiler was raised and lifting off. Caps covering the screws were missing and there was a weird substance on the driver side window that made it hard to see out of the window. There was also gray panels that held lights that did not match the car color. THEN, when brought up to a ‘MANAGER’ he took an aggressive stance and voice with me for pointing out the obvious. Then told me, ‘Just get in your rental, it’s going to take a few days to fix this!’ The rental is ONLY covered for completion of work, not to fix corrected work that was the FAULT of the collision center. Thus, I had to come back the NEXT DAY and speak with the center manager as to this issue. He kindly put me in a rental. I pick my car up 4 days later and the gray panels that holds the lights are still an issue, the residue is still on the window and the spoiler was STILL LIFTING! Is there no quality control? How do you see this issue and not correct it before I come to retrieve my vehicle? The center manager said he would send someone to change the tint on the window, which happened 4 weeks later AND there are still air bubbles in the tint. I am STILL waiting on my spoiler to be fixed. This is now month 4!! They act as though it’s a communication problem with the insurance company but they’re the real reason there is a communication issue. THEY DON’T COMMUNICATE IN A TIMELY MANNER. I’ve had to go back to this shop over 6 times for issues not to mention the countless phone calls. Save yourself the headache and find a shop that actually cares about the quality of their work.

Ashley A.
Ronkonkoma, NY
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If I could give 0 Stars I would the quality of work is complete garbage they destroyed my car and refuse to repair it since I've relocated. They are lying to my insurance company GEICO now saying that it was never repaired there when they're the only ones who touched it. Not to mention that it was quoted to take 3 weeks but nobody knew their ass from their elbow so it too 6-7 weeks because they kept realizing more stuff that was damaged internally as well as ordering the wrong parts. It's 100x worse than before and the customer service is quite possibly as horrible as the repairs. Save yourself the headache and don't go here if GEICO recommends it because they'll claim your lying as well that your car never got fixed here. WHAT A SCAM! not to mention the repaired vehicle was a Toyota and thats what they sell here. Also do not use Kara Dillion as your adjuster because she will convince you that the damage DAVID MAUS clearly caused will be covered she'll tell you not to worry every conversation until it comes time to approve fixing of a half assed repair then you get A SORRY IT WASN'T EVER FIXED HERE.
Thank You GEICO, Thank You KARA DILLION, and Thank You David MAUS for clearly not standing by your work or your guarantee.
********************AVOID THIS SHOP!!******************************

Mike V.
Longwood, FL
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Poor Workmanship
My car was involved in a car accident. Me, thinking David Maus Collision Center would be the best imaginable place to repair the damages since I purchased the car there...HUGE MISTAKE! They “fixed” my car in 9 days. When the car was bought out to me the paint on the side that was to be repaired did not match up. I was told because metal/plastic doesn’t show the same, oh and my favorite it’s because the sun is not hitting this side!!! The left side mirror was not repainted. The wheel cover was not replaced. The fender was not reattached or fitted back on properly as should have been because ummm that’s just the way fenders are..really!!! The best part is my entire windshield was covered in watever paint coating they used. So therefore my main source of seeing is covered by a film that glistens. Did I happen to mention the minor things like the car was left on below E (yes for empty gas) and covered in dust, as if driven thru the Sahara Deseret....GREAT JOB DAVID MAUS AND I MEAN THAT IN THE MOST SCARCASTICALLY DISSTATISFIED WAY POSSIBLE!!! I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone for anything not even the free popcorn!!!

Chris A.
Debary, FL
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Poor quality work, worse customer service
Recommended by Geico, so I went with them. Big mistake. They ordered second hand parts, didn't match the paint, and the clear coat they applied to the hood had the worst orange peel I've ever seen. Even Rachael, the rep from David Maus, said it looked bad and that sometimes thats what you get when you deal with a production shop. I went over all the flaws with her and took pictures. 3 weeks later, they've overrun they insurance from the at fault party and want my insurance to pay.... also Geico. Once they work it out, I go to pick it up, and while it has fresh parts, they neglected to sand the mold lines off prior to paint. Paint still doesn't match. And there are still several issues with fitment and repairs. Today, I dealt with Robert, the repair Supervisor or manager for David Maus, and he was a rude asshole to put it mildly. He made everything out to be Geico's fault. Said you can't match paint on plastic to metal parts, yet the parts they painted match, but they can't seem to match the rest of the car. Instead of owning their crap work, he decided it was my fault and started blaming me. In his opinion, I should expect to be able to see where the repairs were done. To boot, they picked up a huge bolt in the rt rear tire in the lot when bringing it around to me.

Tracy C.
Orange City, FL
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Worse experience ever!
I am rating them a 1 due to lack of comminication and progress.  The quality of workmanship is good.  My vehicle was towed to David Maus Collision on Oct11 by Oct25 the final estimate was complete, Nov10 picked up vehicle with flaws, Dec29 FINALLY complete!   

Here is the breakdown....
My vehicle was towed there in Oct11, the insurance adjuster showed up Oct14, on Oct19 I found out there was miscommunication due to a lost email, Oct25 the final estimate was finally completed and submitted to insurance company,

Getting my estimate done was a real pain. There was very little communication coming from their end.  Once I found out there was a issue of an email getting lost (this wasted 2 days) between my insurance company and David Maus Collision I decided to call and/or text my rep everyday. Most of the time I had no response until I verbalized my opinion of their communication. 

Nov10 my vehicle was ready with flaws. Was advised they'd contact me once they spoke with insurance company.   Appt Nov29 had to reschedule to Dec04 took my vehicle to correct the flaws i was provided a rental this time.  Picked my car up Dec05 and one of the items was missed.   I was told parts needed to ve ordered, Dec13 i get a text saying they were ordered and I'd be notified once they arrived. 

Dec27 I called since I heard nothing. Set up a time for Dec29

Dec29 FINALLY my vehicle is fixed!!

John C.
Groveland, FL
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Calls returned
I had my car fixed at this location and had to take the car back as the paint was obviously not right after I took it the first time. Now just a couple of months later My Lights are loose and falling off. I looked inside at the floods on my car and they did not put all the bolts back on. the one they did put on is so loose that the lamp has fallen back. This is a closed off area in my front end so no worries about it falling out. I tried to call them and left a message with a Michelle and no response. Beware if you take your car here make sure all bolts are tight. I am very disappointed and most likely will not go back. I would like for them to contact me and fix my problem but I doubt they will

Mikey E.
Orlando, FL
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Forgot the Seatbelts
Took my 2016 Mustang in to get repaired. Not only did they overlook certain damages I mentioned, they also overlooked my seat belts which they secured BEHIND the trim of my vechile so that I had NO SEATBELTS!

James N.
Sanford, FL
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
I wish 0 stars was an option
I took my 2016 Toyota Tundra TRD 4X4 Crewmax to David Maus Collision Center after a break in/theft attempt because I purchased the truck from David Maus Toyota and felt they would be the most qualified to do the repair. I was convinced after learning they are a State Farm preferred body shop. The repair failed and the paint has spots where they admitted to not buffing or sanding and the paint is a different shade in the repaired area than the rest of the truck. They would not take responsibility until State Farm got involved. They admitted to bad craftsmanship and said they'd fix it so we made an appointment to drop it off 2 weeks later. When I arrived for my drop off appointment I was informed that after I left the day they looked at it and admitted the work was bad they had determined it was not their wrong doing and now they are blaming it on the paint manufacturer. I wish I had written record of their acknowledgement of poor craftsmanship because now they are completely denying it. I needed a loaner car and they said it was not their responsibility that PPG is being held responsible and they would have to determine why the paint failed and approve a loaner car. This has been the worst consumer experience I've had in my 45 years of life. State Farm has apologized to me profusely and have sent me to a different preferred collision center and they are documenting this situation with David Maus Collision Center.

Sanford, FL
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
Top grade repair, horrible customer service
Be warned. Nobody will ever pick up a phone when you call to find out about your vehicle in the collision center. When you come across the rare chance of actually talking to someone to find your person in charge of your vehicle, they put you on hold for such a long time that you just hang up. Worst communication issues I have ever experienced with a car center.

Jodi M.
Sanford, FL
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
Fantastic service beginning to end.
Melissa and Michelle in the collision center were extremely on top of keeping us informed on all matters pertinent to our vehicle that was hit from behind. The team in the collision center had our paid off car back to us in a timely manner looking like new!!!! What was stressful was handled professionally and deeply appreciated!

Robert O.
Longwood, FL
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
4Runner Repair is Rusting
I brought my 4Runner into the collision center to repair damage from a rear end collision. I brought it there so they would use factory parts and for the warranty. They replaced the rear tailgate. It is now rusting from the inside. I spoke to estimator Ed Miller at the collision center who determined what the cause of the rust was. There is a foam insulator bonded to the inside of the tailgate that apparently is trapping water and, as I see it, is a defective design. The vehicle is parked in a garage at home and at work. It usually only sees rain when we are driving. Upon reading the warranty, it states that rust from the inside is not covered. Ed suggested for me to try to get Toyota to pay for it. I tried and they will not. I then had to call many times to find out if Davis Maus was going to fix it. Most times I left a message and did not get a call back from Ed Miller. Occasionally I would get a call back from the office staff. After getting tired of no return calls from Ed Miller, I spoke to the collision center manager, Charlie Smith, who told me that Ed does not have to directly call customers back. I am left with a rusting tailgate. Both David Maus and Toyota will not repair or replace the tailgate. I believe David Maus and/or Toyota should have shown good will and fixed this.

Mike A.
Deltona, FL
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Started bad and ended disgusting
Long story short. Took car in, got back, paint didn't match. Ed Miller ("Estimator") blamed my insurance for not quoting enough time to blend. He never asked for more. I helped get more approved and a small job turned big. My wife goes to pick car up and there was something on paint. She thought defect. He spit on his hand and wiped on car and said there, all set. Thanks for the run around, poor work the first time, your DNA on my car, and the just don't care attitude. Bought this and another car there in fall of 13. I can tell sales and maintance is all they care about. Brought to the attention of customer relations. Weeks later.....still waiting on that call.....

Cooper E.
Daytona Beach, FL
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Not only did this dealership "lose" my paperwork and I had to wait 3-4 months for my window to get fixed. They lied to me over and over. Which it was broken because of them in the first place, I was told they put a NEW door on my NEW car and they lied and put a referbished door on my NEW car. The window crank was broken in this "referbished" door so I called to get it fixed like it should of been the first time. 3-4 months later I finally get a call back, after leaving multiple messages, and finally after leaving a bad review on their page, the bad reviews are the only way they will ever care about you. They told my the lady who handled my case got fired that's why the paperwork got "lost" so I was somewhat understandable, and took the review down. I finally get an appointment to come in and get it fixed and guess what, the same lady (who was suposably fired) was still working and took my car again. So not only did they lie about the door they lied about the reason the paperwork got "lost" and why they were ignoring me, which after all those messages you think they would call wondering what's up but no they didn't, once I left that review and it hurts them they start to care. All this dealership does is lie and lie and lie and lie and oh yeah can't forget LIE!! Don't ask me to take this review down cause I REFUSE TOO! I took the first one down on good faith and you continue to lie to me. Plus as an icing on the cake the employees all filled up their coffee mugs right in front of me and killed the pot and didn't even bother to refill it. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE ALL AROUND. This post is final and I'm NEVER taking it down and NEVER coming back here ever ever ever again. Screw this collision center they only care about themselves and will lie to you. I won't give out any names but NEVER GO TO THIS COLLISION CENTER. And Chevy don't even bother calling me I don't care to hear anyone's voice who works there and nothing will change my mind or make me take this down. What goes around comes around, God Bless!

Michael H.
Winter Springs, FL
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Terrible Communication
This dealership is terrible. We dropped our vehicle off to have a simple repair. They had our vehicle for almost two weeks. When they finally gave us a day the vehicle would be ready, that day came and went, no phone call. We called multiple times that day with no return call. When we finally did get our vehicle back, it had no gas in the tank and we had filled it the day prior to dropping it off. Our insurance company had recommended them, I would not recommend this collision center.

levi s.
Orlando, FL
Overall Rating 1/5rating 1rating 1rating 1rating 1
Terrible service and unfriendly staff.
My 1 year old ,new-ish, car was hit while parked by a drunk. Both the police officers and tow truck operator said the vehicle would be a total loss. It had the car taken to David Maus because I had used their VW dealership to have my car serviced. I was assured on three occasions my estimate would be ready the next day. 6 days it took them to write my estimate, and get it to my insurance company, which I had to correct because there were things missing like the giant gashes in the rims, the initial estimate was just shy $10k. They would have to straighten the frame and replace the entire rear end of my car.
My representative at D.M. kept insisting to me the car was repairable. After finally getting the estimate for the car my insurance company and I agreed the car was a total loss. Everyone I spoke to at the collision center was rude and acted like fixing the car was my best option, knowing that my car would never be fixed correctly and the value of a car with over 10k in damages would fall to nothing.
Here we are 2 weeks after my car was towed in and a week after I retrieved my belongings and I continue to get repair updated, via text, on my car. If the vehicle was considered a total loss by my insurance company, why am i receiving repair updates that state the vehicle is 52% repaired? The whole system is a sham. Fake updated and personnel that is more concerned about money in their pockets and not the safety and reliability of the product. I will never uses a David Maus location for anything. Terrible Terrible Terrible experience!!!!!!!!!!

Franklin M.
Deltona, FL
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
The Staff
From the beginning , midway, to the end, Jodi he service rep was outstanding. My accident had a hughe impact on every angle of my daily life. This was the first major accident I had in 20 years. She was extremely comforting and helpful. She made this end of the process very easy going. I received daily , thsts righ daily text of the status of my Suv. Thank you Jodi for making an already Hard experience to a great experience.

James C.
Lake Mary, FL
Overall Rating 2/5Overall Rating 2/5rating 2rating 2rating 2
carless rush job
I have had my car worked on a few times by this collision center. The first time i got my car repaired they did not plug my tail light back in causing me to be pulled over. The back tailight was still scuffed and unbuffed as well as a glop of clearcoat on the rear that required me to have them buff it out multiple times for it to look right. My rear bumper looks purple but the car is blue so F on paint matching and they broke parts in disassembaly and expected me to pay for it and my car is never finished on time. If u go here you need to really look over everything before you pay them.

Lyssa B.
Pardubice Region
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
Friendly, Informative, Looks Great
I drove 45 minutes to go here and they kept me current with every process my car was going through and when it was finished I only had an hour to get there and I wasn't going to make it on time and they stayed open for me to pick up my car! It was so nice of them :)

Verified Customer
Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5Overall Rating 5/5
04/25/2014 Category: Collision
I was happy with everything.
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Hyundai ACCENT
Verified Customer
Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5Overall Rating 4/5rating 4
04/25/2014 Category: Collision
The color of the bumper was off.
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