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Diane A. on 05/20/2013
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"I love this place!"
I love this place! This morning I dropped off my car and gave Gateway Auto Clinic a blank check to do anything that needed to be done.
According to another well-known car place, I needed new brakes, an alignment, transmission flush, and a fuel system tune-up. But Gateway Auto Clinic said all I needed was an oil change. They could have performed all that other work but instead they were honest and told me it didn't need to be done.

I have many examples of their integrity but I'll give just one more. About 15 years ago, my sister took her Fiero to the car dealer because the headlights would periodically not go up or down. The dealer said that she needed new motors for each headlight - to the tune of $400! She decided to take her car to Gateway Auto Clinic. They took her car in and figured out the problem. They discovered that when the car was rust proofed, some of the "gunk" got into the wires that go to the headlights. They cleaned the gunk off the wires and the problem was solved. She asked them how much she owed them and they said..."Oh
nothing today, we'll get you next time around...."

What other business would do that?! I love this place!
Service Date: 05/20/2013
Review Created: 05/20/2013 03:53 PM