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Review for Gordon and Sandifer Auto Service
Chad F. on 02/27/2015
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"Poor guest service! Terrible and treated bad/cussed and name called.."
I felt taken advantage of for the $127 I payed for a gas cap. It solves my problem, but they told me I needed $2k worth of work done and I said all I can afford is a new gas cap. I wasn't informed that I would be charged $90 regardless of wether or not they did any work to my vehicle. I did tell them I felt like I was being ripped off and should have been warned that they were going to charge me so much for reading a code. Which I had already had done at advanced auto parts for free....because the way they explained it at Advanced was that there is nothing to it and it doesn't cost them a thing and almost no labor also to read a code. I mentioned getting a gas cap from a junk yard and was told that was a bad idea. The employee that was sitting down behind John was spitting in his dip cup and interrupted our conversation. When I told him he interrupted and I didn't appreciate him getting an attitude with me he then Preceeded to ask me if I was "some kind of a jackass"!!!!. He was extremely unprofessional and made me feel unwelcome and like my complaint was idiotic. I am not made of money and I do t think I should have been charged $130 for (basically) just a gas cap. No I will never be back because of the way I was talked to and cussed at by this employee (who did not tell me his name). He laughed at me and told me I should have read it for myself on the price menu on the right hand wall of he building inside - that I would be charged so much wether or not I had any work done AT ALL. He tried to make me feel like an idiot and he succeeded in ruining my day. I will never be back and will never speak well of this business because of the way I was talked to and taken advantage of. It was the worst automechanic and guest service experience I have ever had and I was treated like garbage or worse really. The most unprofessional people I've ever dealt with...
Vehicle: Nissan Xterra
Service Date: 02/27/2015
Review Created: 02/27/2015 08:02 PM